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  1. i have not been attending parish council meetings for very long but I do like to see that we are all working together to improve our villages making it easier to keep in touch with the new website thank you all kind regards andy Cameron

    • Hi Andy, sorry to take a while to respond – in future I will try to be quicker! The web site administration side is new to me too. We appreciate members of the public taking the time to come to the parish council meetings and making an effort to keep abreast of what is happening. Thank you for your kind words and we hope to put more and more information on to the web site as time goes on, making it quicker and easier for everyone to stay informed. Kind regards, Alison (Clerk)

  2. can anybody explain this for me what it is about  
    The Trustees of the Winforton Unknown Donors’ Charity invite you to a Public Meeting at the Community Hall at Winforton Church, on Monday, 7th August, 2017 at 7.30pm. The Charity’s land has been sold to a bid substantially in excess of farmland value and the meeting is for you to understand the trustees’ thinking for investing the sale proceeds. 
    Also, The Charity Commission has been approached to provide a new Scheme to determine the scope of the Charity and to widen its Trustee base. 
    Your attendance will be much appreciated.

    • Hi Andy. I am unable to help on this question as this doesn’t relate to a parish council initiative. However, I believe David Joyce in Winforton will know more and hopefully you may decide to attend the meeting this evening to find out more. Kind regards, Alison

  3. Fantastic to have direct links to the Planning applications relevant to our area, makes it so much easier to find all the information required and see how the applications are progressing. Great work on the new Website, clear, informative & modern fresh look!

  4. hi Alison can you bring tis to the attention of the next parish council meeting . just had my energy supplier here to fit a smart meter but it can not be done as the mobile signal is not good enough .apparently they are collecting data to present to BT so they will have to do something about it . they have to meet a quota set by the government to install these meters . so if everybody ask there supplier for a smart meter they will have a better chance of getting a mobile phone signal at the same time so if like me you live in an area of poor mobile signal this is how its going to work please share this if you are affected

  5. I was interested to learn about new signage for dog fouling but is there any evidence that putting funding behind more signs changes human picking up behaviour or reduces waste? I wondered if it would be more helpful to invest in dog litter bins (composting in an ideal world of course) to increase the rate and ease of picking up.
    Often a barrier to picking up is reluctance to carry a bag for a long distance/home. I do appreciate there are no easy solutions.

    • Hi Nic. Thank you for your observations on the dog fouling issue. I am not aware of any concrete evidence that signage reduces the problems caused by irresponsible owners failing to pick up after their pets. However, following a specific request by a group of Eardisley residents who felt signage might help in their case, the Parish Council agreed to purchase a small number of signs – two were allocated to the reported issue and the others are being held in stock (as a reasonable price was achieved). Three others were given free of charge by Herefordshire Council in support of their initiative to reduce dog fouling in public spaces; two of these were immediately allocated to known problem areas. It is the hope that by locating any such signs to perceived problem areas, rather than installing a proliferation of signs for the sake of it, this may help in some measure. The Parish Council, along with many others, has previously debated the possibility of dog litter bins. However, the stumbling block is cost and particularly in respect of having the bins regularly emptied, which would also become the PC’s ongoing responsibility. For this reason, the PC has elected not to pursue this option as standard litter bins can be used. That’s not to say residents wouldn’t be welcome to make a case for doing this in the future!

  6. Could anyone throw light any light on the position of Commons Officer at Hereford Council? My understanding is that George Thompson is no longer in this position but there seems to be no replacement. Has this role been hived off somewhere else?

    • Hello Robin

      I personally haven’t had any dealings with this office so I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question, but the Commons and Village Greens department contact details can be found on the Herefordshire Council web site. If you Google: Herefordshire Council Commons, you will find them.

      If you believe the matter is something the Parish Council should be looking into, please contact us using the Contact form on this web site.

      Best wishes,

  7. I would like to know what are you going to do about people letting their dogs off the lead at the millennium dog has been attacked 4 time I had to literally pick up 2 greyhounds and throw them before they got to my is mainly the elderly who are responsible.I cannot let my partner take the dog for a walk in case of attack as she won’t be able to defend my dog or herself.

    • Hi Stuart

      I’m sorry to hear about the issues you and your partner have experienced with off lead dogs in Eardisley. I will certainly bring your report to the attention to the Parish Council, who have links with the trustees of the Millennium Green. However, the agencies empowered to take action about such problems are the local Dog Warden and possibly the police if you believe the lack of control has resulted in an injury to dogs (either yours or others) and/or a person.

      Best wishes,

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