Minutes 19th June 2017


19th June 2017, Eardisley Village Hall

Present: A Watkins (Chair). C Davies, P Eggerton, J Forrest, A Layton, T Morgan, S Prosser, R Taylor, Paul Whittall, S Whittall, J Wyatt

In Attendance: Clerk to the Parish Council – A Morgan
12 members of the public

1. Apologies were accepted from K Goodman, A Preece, L Price, C Skelton. Not in Attendance: T Raymond.

2. No Declarations of Interest were received for this meeting.

3. No requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

4. Minutes of the Annual Meeting and previous ordinary meeting, both held on 15th May 2017 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

5. Public Participation Period: matters discussed included:

 An update was requested on traffic issues in Whitney as per the Neighbourhood Plan & it was agreed this should go on the next agenda.

 It was noted BBLP had undertaken hedge trimming & road furniture cleaning in Winforton; a request was made for similar work to take place in Whitney & Eardisley; the Clerk to investigate.

 No objections were received by HC during the permitted period in relation to the PROW/restricted byway proposal in Winforton. It was therefore expected to be approved with confirmation next month.

 Shop keepers in Eardisley requested advance notice of road closures.

 Encouragement of volunteers to join working groups.

 Insurance cover for residents’ working as volunteers & cost of petrol for strimmers, etc.

 Concerns were raised about speeding through Winforton, especially during the early hours of the morning around 4.30am. Empty lorries were reported to be travelling at high speed and causing a noise nuisance by travelling over the cats’ eyes. The Highways Group agreed more data could be collected using the SIDs; the data could be analysed for a given timeframe, to include the hours around 4.30am specifically.

6. Annual Return: Internal Audit Report: The internal audit by HALC was complete and a copy of the report circulated. Findings were noted and all recommendations reviewed and accepted. The Finance & Compliance Working Group will ensure details are reflected in their ongoing review of EGPC governance processes. The Clerk will provide appropriate explanations to the external auditors (Grant Thornton) when submitting the Annual Return.

7. Annual Return: Annual Governance Statement: The Clerk ran through all the undertakings specified in Section 1 of the Annual Return 2016-17. It was AGREED, subject to item 6 above, to submit ‘Yes’ responses to all items. The statement was duly signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

8. Annual Return: Accounting Statements: The Clerk explained the figures in Column 1 were carried forward from the certified 2015-16 return and those in Column 2 corresponded to the Bank Reconciliation & Accounts approved at the Annual Meeting in May 2017. It was AGREED the statement was correct and it was duly signed by the Chairman and Clerk. The Clerk will ensure the full return is sent to the external auditors, by the deadline: 28.06.2017.

9. Highways Working Group Report:

1) There was still confusion over when road re-surfacing in Eardisley is due to take place & whether the culvert remedial work is being scheduled to coincide; the Highways group is actively trying to find the right contact in BBLP.

2) After investigation, it was confirmed there is no road sweeping ‘programme’ for our villages, but such work can be requested via Lara Edwards (BBLP).

3) EGPC sent its support to BBLP for extending the 30mph speed restriction limit to the village gates in Eardisley. In Winforton, this required further discussion & should include the double white lines proposal. Glynn Bailey is arranging a meeting in Winforton with BBLP, a police representative and members of the Highways Group. It was noted John Warne produced a detailed survey previously, addressing legal and safety requirements.

4) Ideas were being considered to encourage residents to alert the group to necessary Lengthsman/P3 works, e.g. verges, ditches, footpaths, stiles, etc.

5) PROW/restricted byway: EGPC supported the proposal, which was expected to be approved shortly & is likely to include limited clearance works by HC, as well as formally reinstating it as a restricted byway.

6) Several councillors have recently driven past the area on the Woodseaves road where a parking issue was reported and found only one car parked outside. It was believed, therefore, the problem may have been temporary.

10. Environment Working Group Report: No update at this time.

11. Planning Working Group Report:

1) P143517 the reported issue with the location of the boundary at the development to the rear of The Courtlands had been investigated by HC and all was deemed to be in order; the application was approved before the NDP was adopted & thus before the settlement boundary; it was AGREED no further action is required.

2) P152261 the Old Sawmills – no further update.

3) Works to trees at Green Gables, Eardisley (P171898) – general works, No Objections.

4) Proposed livestock building at Eardisley Park Farm (P171776) – no nearby properties, No Objections.

5) Proposed telecommunications base station at Premier Garden (Furniture) Centre, Eardisley (P170772) – should lead to improved mobile phone signal for businesses and residents, nearest property some distance away, conforms to NDP; it was, therefore, RESOLVED EGPC should support it.

12. IT Update: The Clerk had attended web site training but had not been able to test/ develop the site further, due to priority of the Annual Return submission. However, the intention was for the site to go live during July.

13. Defibrillators: The Clerk has arranged further training sessions on Monday, 26th June (Eardisley) and Wednesday, 28th June (Winforton). Julian Wyatt will contact Steve Jones (electrician) about installation in the two locations.

14. Finance: Bank balances as at 9th June were confirmed as follows:

Main Account:                                 £  11,951.28
No. 2 Account:                                 £     2,265.56
Business Saver Account:              £     3,776.24

Since the last meeting, the Clerk has paid (<£100.00 & dispensation on green bags):

Payee                                        Description                                     Amount (£)
Winforton Community Hall    Annual Parish Meetings                            12.00
Herefordshire Council             Replacement Green Bags                        370.00
Eyelid Productions                   Web Site set-up*                                       500.00

*Spend approved February 2017 – Transparency Fund, No. 2 Account

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee                                                Description                                    Amount (£)
A Morgan                                          Office & Clerk Expenses                     102.95
Eardisley Village Hall                      Hall Hire (May Meetings)                      54.00

15. Correspondence:

1) A thank-you card from the former Clerk, Sue Brown, was circulated to councillors.

2) HC advised a consultation regarding the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) – dog control. Further information can be found on HC webpage: http://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/pspo-dog-control

3) HC advised a new (updated) Code of Conduct will be adopted [EGPC recently agreed to also adopt the same code as HC]. Training for Clerks will be arranged for Clerks to disseminate details to councillors.

4) A remittance advice from HMRC was received confirming repayment of the ‘missing’ VAT refund; this should now appear on the next bank statement.

16. Matters for the Next Agenda – no discussion:

 Village Gate funding clarification [following recent letter in Hereford Times]  Whitney Traffic Calming Proposals (as per Neighbourhood Plan)

All other items to be sent to the Clerk by Friday, 7th July, please.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 17th July 2017, 7:30pm, Eardisley Village Hall