Minutes Extraordinary Meeting April 18th 2016

Mr A Watkins (Chair); Mr P Whittall; Mr T Morgan;; Mr J Wyatt; Mr C Davies; Mr T Raymond; Mr A Layton; Mr S Whittall; Mr J Forrest; Mrs S Prosser; Mr L Price; Cllr C Skelton; Mr A Preece; Mr P Eggerton; Mr R Taylor

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs S Brown
18 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: – Mr. K Goodman
2 Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – Result: –
Yes – 282, No – 61
3 Traffic/Highways – An exhibition was set up for Councillors and residents to view various options.
Roger Burrage outlined the various proposals followed by questions and discussion

A) Police and Crime Commissioners Grant
A grant of £7068 has been awarded for Village Gates
This with the £2000 from Tarmac is enough to fund all the Village Gates
i) Village Gates –The location and design of the Village Gates – APPROVED
ii) Implementation by Traffic/Highways Group (subject to final BB / HCC formal approvals) – APPROVED
B) Double white lines in Winforton
i) Request to extend approximately 100 metres to requested village gate/speed limit location – APPROVED
C) Road markings in Whitney
i) To request formal approval from BB/HCC – APPROVED and to seek funding to:
a) Redo current hatching on a red surface – APPROVED
b) Extend hatching on the red surface to western speed limit, to incorporate Whitney Court turning – APPROVED
c) Install traffic islands to slow traffic and to reduce or eliminate overtaking – APPROVED

3 Restructuring of Parish Council: – Discussion
Neighbourhood Plan

The meeting closed at 8.30pm