Minutes 20th March 2017

Minutes of Meeting 20th March 2017, Eardisley Village Hall

Mr A Watkins (Chair), Mr P Eggerton, Mr J Forrest, Mr A Layton, Mr T Morgan, Mr A Preece, Mrs S Prosser, Mr T Raymond, Mr R Taylor, Mr P Whittall, Mr S Whittall

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs A Morgan
11 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: Mr C Davies, Mr K Goodman, Mr L Price, Cllr C Skelton, Mr J Wyatt
3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The Minutes of the PC meeting held on 20th February 2017 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
4 REPORT FROM COUNCILLOR SKELTON: The report was not presented due to Cllr Skelton’s absence.
– An increase in dog fouling was causing a nuisance at The Courtlands, Winforton; there is no signage or bin. EGPC will write a letter to Stonewater, the management company, expressing concern & the Environment Working Group (WG) should look at options that may help alleviate the problem.
– Positioning of Old Cross Stone in Winforton. Residents, John & Susan Warne have offered to pay for planning permission to heighten the cross as a means of reducing potential traffic damage.
6 HIGHWAYS WG UPDATE: The Crowe turn remedial work has been completed, although the addition of a pedestrian crossing point is not imminent. This & other possible options should be considered further by the Highways WG. Some pot hole filling had taken place in Winforton. An email was read out from BBLP in response to concerns about Eardisley School Crossing works. It was AGREED the WG should take another look at all options for the Stone Cross (see above), including re-siting, & report back. The WG was also asked to look at SIDs and other types of available speed indicators EGPC may wish to consider. Cllr Skelton would be asked to raise the issue of additional bell bollards in Eardisley with HCC.
7 ENVIRONMENT WG UPDATE: A further complaint about wood chipping noise in Eardisley had been received and would be forwarded to Cllr Skelton, who intended to contact HCC. It was reported additional noise suppression kit had been installed the previous weekend, which it was hoped would yield positive results.
8 PLANNING WG UPDATE: The Clerk reported comments from EGPC were sent to HCC as per the February minutes. New planning was discussed as follows: P170457/F – Keepers Cottage, Winforton: No objections noted. P170718/F – The Dukes Cottage, Eardisley, Hereford: No objections noted, although construction should remain a garden room & not be converted to a residential dwelling. P170603/F – Yew Tree Cottage, Winforton, Hereford: No objections noted. Notification of a premises license application for Whitney Court was received & needed to be discussed further by the Planning WG.
9 FINANCE & COMPLIANCE WG UPDATE: Lengthsman/P3 Scheme: The Clerk reported the expenditure report was sent to BBLP/HCC, together with a claim for 2016-17 works. The annual plan requesting 2017-18 budget had also been submitted & was awaiting approval by HCC. VAT: The VAT return up to 30.04.2015 had been sent off; it was AGREED future claims for reimbursement will be made at least annually and using on-line submissions will be investigated. Delegation of Expenditure: It was proposed & AGREED the Clerk should be authorised to pay invoices up to £100.00 (excluding Clerk’s salary & expenses) in between PC meetings to improve efficiency.
10 EGPC MEETINGS SCHEDULE: It was AGREED to hold the April meeting on Tuesday, 18th to avoid Easter Monday. July’s meeting on 17th would stand as no conflict with the Royal Welsh show was noted. It was further AGREED annual parish meetings would be held on Monday, 8th May: Winforton: 7:00pm, Whitney 7:30pm (both in Winforton*), Eardisley: 8:00pm in Eardisley*. The EGPC Annual Meeting was confirmed as Monday, 15th May at 7:30pm in Eardisley*. *NB: All venues to be confirmed by the Clerk and a full 2017 meetings schedule published for reference.
11 IT UPDATE: The Clerk reported the grant application for Transparency Code Funding was submitted for approval; a decision should be made by end of March & covers a new web site, IT equipment, staffing and peripherals. The Chairman opened the meeting for Nancy James to advise she has undertaken a survey of local business contributors to the Group Community site. Renewals of advertising indicate annual hosting costs to V8 Media will be fully covered. Neighbourhood Plan web site hosting cost is likely to be £150.00+VAT. It was AGREED the Clerk should investigate the option of incorporating NP content into the new EGPC web site.
12 DEFIBRILLATORS: Due to the expense of locating the Eardisley unit in the CAP, it was proposed it should be sited outside the village hall instead. It was AGREED the Clerk should contact the VH caretaker to request approval. It is proposed to use the same electrician as Whitney and details would also be sent to Ken Goodman for the Winforton installation. The Clerk had been unable to contact the trainer, but would continue trying.
13 FINANCE: The bank balances were given as follows:

Main Account £ 8,294.85
No. 2 Account £ 1,808.06
Business Saver Account £ 3,776.24

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee Description Amount (£)
Phil Eggerton Estate Maint. Footpath Assessment, WO 62-66      60.00
V8 Media ACMS 2017 web hosting 232.80
HALC Clerk Training   36.00
Whitney Village Hall February PC meetings, hall hire   23.00
Eardisley Village Hall March PC meeting, hall hire 17.00
A Morgan Office & Clerk Expenses     64.59

14 CORRESPONDENCE was noted, as follows:
– An email was received from Grant Thornton, the external auditors, advising changes to the forms for 2016-2017 accounts. New form packs should be with 13
15 MATTERS FOR NEXT AGENDA (No discussion):

  • Report from Cllr Skelton, incl. Bell bollards (Eardisley), Kington Academy closure
  • Flood Warnings & Dog Fouling, Winforton (Environment WG)
  • Options for Old Stone Cross, Winforton, Traffic Calming options (Highways WG)
    Any other items to be sent to the Clerk by Friday, 7th April, please.

16 EMPLOYMENT MATTERS: In closed session, it was AGREED the Clerk’s hourly rate be increased to £9.743, in line with new national pay scales effective 01.04.2017. It was also AGREED the Clerk’s monthly hours would remain flexible over the next 12 months and be re-evaluated thereafter.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: – Tuesday 18th April 2017, 7:30pm, Whitney Village Hall