Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 20th February 2017

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 20th February 2017, Whitney Village Hall

Mr A Watkins (Chair), Mr C Davies, Mr P Eggerton, Mr J Forrest, Mr K Goodman, Mr A Layton, Mr T Morgan, Mr A Preece, Mrs S Prosser, Cllr C Skelton, Mr P Whittall, Mr S Whittall, Mr J Wyatt

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs A Morgan
19 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: Mr L Price, Mr T Raymond, Mr R Taylor
2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Three declarations of interest were declared by Mr A Preece, Cllr C Skelton and Mr A Layton, in respect of Planning Applications for discussion.
3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The Minutes of the PC meeting held on 16th January 2017 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

– Positioning of Old Cross Stone in Winforton. This was discussed at an earlier meeting, but a status update would be given at the next EGPC meeting.
– Planning: it was agreed the meeting would be re-opened for this Agenda item later.
– Eardisley School Crossing works: concerns were raised about management and quality of the works by residents & local businesses, as well as outstanding installation of new beacons & poles. Cllr Skelton agreed to take up with BBLP & it was further agreed by the Chairman to send a letter to BBLP highlighting issues.
– Quality of recent ditching work between Mill Half and Eardisley.

5 SET-UP OF WORKING GROUPS & FREQUENCY OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: Proposals for Working Group structure & councillor membership were AGREED, as follows (full details can be found in the attached slide pack): Finance & Compliance: Alan Watkins (Chair), Ken Goodman (V-Chair), Alison Morgan (Clerk), Sue Prosser, Andrew Layton, Paul Whittall. Planning (incl. Housing, Business, Job Creation): Chris Davies, Phil Eggerton, Andrew Preece, Terry Morgan, James Forrest. Highways (incl. A Roads, Lengthsman & P3 Schemes): Julian Wyatt, Steve Whittall, Terry Morgan. Environment (incl. Flooding, Tree Warden): Andrew Layton, Paul Whittall, Lewis Price. Community Services (incl. Village Halls, Open Spaces): No nominations currently. It was noted residents would be invited to volunteer to join all groups, except Finance & Compliance. Details of exactly how to take this forward to be agreed. Structure & membership of all groups to be reviewed at the Annual Meeting in May. A proposal to increase the frequency of EGPC meetings to 10 per year (plus village meetings) was AGREED. A slide showing the proposed dates & venues (tbc) can be found in the slide pack.
6 PARKING ALONG CHURCH WALL, EARDISLEY (PE): There was a recurrent issue with parking here causing an issue for larger vehicles trying to get around the corner. It was suggested two additional bell bollards could alleviate the problem. This should be investigated further by the new Highways Group.
7 EGPC IT PROPOSALS: The Clerk presented a proposal for a new web site and laptop, with associated software & peripherals, to ensure compliance with the Transparency Code. Proposals were based on applying for a Transparency Fund Grant, with EGPC top-up for items not covered by or more than the grant amount. Full details are set out in the attached slide pack. The proposals were AGREED and the Clerk will submit the grant application to HALC as soon as possible.
8 DEFIBRILLATORS: It was reported the Whitney defibrillator had been installed; Phil Eggerton was due to meet an electrician at the CAP (Eardisley) and would pass contact details to Ken Goodman for Winforton. It was suggested training for Whitney & Winforton could be combined, with a separate session for Eardisley. The Clerk will contact the training co-ordinator and find out options.
9 LENGTHSMAN & P3 ANNUAL RETURN: It was AGREED the Finance & Compliance Group would meet before the 28.02.2017 deadline to assist the Clerk with completing the return
10 FINANCE: It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee Description Amount (£)
Steve Whittall Replacement SID Batteries      75.60
HALC 2017-2018 Subscription   718.15
Phil Eggerton Estate Maint. P3 Works Orders 58-61   697.50
A Morgan Office Expenses     23.08

11 CORRESPONDENCE was noted, as follows:
– An email was received from BT confirming the Winforton telephone kiosk had been removed from the consultation to potentially de-commission it. It was AGREED the preference was to retain this facility. The Clerk to inform BT.
– Almeley Parish Council sent a copy of a letter from them to Herefordshire Council Environmental Health Dept., complaining about noise nuisance from the wood chipping operation at Eardisley Sawmills. In addition, a poster had been wrongly circulated, quoting contact details for the former EGPC Clerk & incorrectly attributing statements to EGPC. It was AGREED to follow up with Hereford Wood Fuel to find out the status of measures to alleviate noise, which it was understood were already ongoing and to report back at the next meeting.
12 PLANNING: APPLICATIONS DISCUSSED (opened to residents): [A Preece, C Skelton
left the room; A Layton remained as no interest was established.] P170397/K – Removal of 2 boughs from an Ash tree: work already completed.
P163946/F – Proposed erection of storage building, Little Meadows, Eardisley:
No objections were noted.
P170359/F – Proposed new dwelling, Land at Green Gables, Eardisley,
Herefordshire: To be discussed further by the Planning Group.
P163761/F – Land off Barley Close, Woodseaves Road, Eardisley, Herefordshire
Revised proposals had been submitted by the developer & some concerns about housing mix persisted. To be discussed further by the Planning Group.
Eardisley Sawmills Development: [C Skelton re-joined the meeting.] Email from Andrew Banks advised request from developers to exclude affordable housing had been received in contravention of the NDP. Strong objections voiced. To be discussed further by the Planning Group prior to response being sent.
13 MATTERS FOR NEXT AGENDA (No discussion):

  • Dates, venues and timings for annual parish (village) meetings
  • Report on noise abatement measures at Hereford Wood Fuel (SW)
  • Update on Kington Academy closure (CS)
  • Possibility of a third Speed Indicator Device (SID) for Parish Use (PW)
  • Status update on Old Stone Cross, Winforton (SP)
    Any other items to be sent to the Clerk by Friday, 10th March, please.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: – Monday 20th March 2017, Eardisley Village Hall