Minutes APM Winforton 8th May 2017


Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting
Held on Monday, 8th May 2017, 7:00pm, Winforton Community Hall

In the Chair: Alan Watkins Councillors                                            Present: Ken Goodman, Sue Prosser
Residents: 6         In Attendance: Alison Morgan (Clerk)          Apologies: James Forrest, Rob Taylor


The Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) was adopted by Herefordshire Council in June 2016 – one of the first of more than a hundred to be considered in Herefordshire. The recent issue with the Old Sawmills site when the Chairman attended Planning Committee to state EGPC’s opposition to the removal of affordable housing from the developer’s plans was the first real test case for the NDP. Herefordshire councillors supported EGPC’s stance to adhere to the NDP, which was also acknowledged to reflect HCC’s core strategy. The application was refused, thus setting an important precedent.

Working Groups were up and running, but needed resident volunteers to supplement councillors. The number of EGPC ordinary meetings had been increased from 6 to 10 to reflect increased workload; it was intended there should be more frequent, but shorter meetings.

The Village Gates had been installed and speed restriction signs were to be moved to align with the gates in Eardisley & Winforton. Balfour Beatty is to produce technical drawings for the proposed double white lines in Winforton.

Some remedial work was carried out at the Crowe turn after EGPC intervention.

Defibrillator units were purchased for each village and are in the process of being installed. Training would be given by West Midlands Ambulance Service soon.

It was confirmed re-siting of Winforton’s preaching cross had been excluded from EGPC’s remit, after due consideration, and if any individuals wished to take this further, they should approach HCC directly.

The Chairman welcomed the new Clerk, who started in January 2017 and advised EGPC was in the process of setting up a dedicated parish web site, funded by a Transparency Code grant.

2. Minutes of the Winforton Annual Parish Meeting 2015/16 were agreed and signed.

3. Open Discussion: Topics included:

 Removing the 40 mph restriction and replacing it with 30 mph to reduce motorists’ confusion.
 Increased police presence due to concerns over speeding traffic; but difficulties in moving forward with some of the desired traffic calming measures.
 The need for Working Group volunteers.
 Winforton Wood, there was lack of information on the status of the resident, who it was believed had received an eviction notice, but not yet complied.
 The HCC Order proposing footpath changes and upgrade of the route through Winforton Woods to Redgates. The Chairman advised it would be on the agenda for the next EGPC meeting on 15th May and EGPC was expecting to support the proposals in principle.

The meeting closed at 7:28pm.