Minutes APM Winforton 15th May 2018

Winforton & Willersley

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting
Held on Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 7:00pm, Whitney on Wye Village Hall

In the Chair: Alan Watkins   Councillors Present: Ken Goodman, James Forrest, Rob Taylor
Residents: 4                            In Attendance: Alison Morgan (Clerk)

1. Apologies were received from Sue Prosser

2. Minutes of the Winforton Annual Parish Meeting 2017 were agreed and signed.


3.1. The Chairman’s report covered the following general topics:

• The Clerk was congratulated on completing her first year in the role

• The Clerk had set up a new EGPC web site, which should now be used to contact the PC, as well as being the definitive source for information on meetings, planning applications, etc.

• Defibrillators were now installed in all 3 villages, initial training had been completed and refresher sessions can be arranged, if needed

• Significant road re-surfacing on the A438 took place with a high detrimental impact on businesses within the Parish, either directly or from the diversions in place; execution was deemed to be incompetent, although BBLP had carried out some restitution in the Woodseaves Road subsequently. More was expected at the Whitney end of that road, but so far this has not taken place.

• Cllr Roger Phillips was continuing to deputise for and support Cllr Clive Skelton.
• The Parish Council supported the A L Lewis VC Memorial Fund with a £600.00 donation towards the bronze statue in Hereford city centre to mark the centenary of his death.

• Silent Soldier Silhouettes were purchased for each village.

• The precept was maintained at the same level for 2018-19, but there would be no funding from Herefordshire Council this year for the Lengthsman Scheme.

• Cllr Paul Whittall was EGPC’s representative for the Kington Surgery Review Commission and was attending meetings alongside Roger Phillips.

• Data Protection changes were having a big impact on EGPC and the work of the Clerk. The Chairman and Clerk had attended training on the new EC General Data Protection Regulation and steps were being taken to ensure compliance, some of which are already in place.

3.2. The Chairman’s report covered the following Winforton-specific topics:

• Roads and TRO’s: The A438 road closure impact on the Sun Inn. The Winforton Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was likely to be delayed due to the volume of TRO’s and comments put forward to Herefordshire Council at the same time. EGPC had once again submitted its support for extending the 30mph restriction to the village gates at both ends of the village.

• Traffic Calming Measures: the Highways Working Group will consider whether any additional measures could be effective once the TRO has been made and implemented.

• Although the Restricted Byway in Winforton (up to Redgates) had been determined, no clearance or other work had yet been done by the Council.

• Footpaths: some work is due to be done following recent purchase of PROW materials.

4. Open Discussion: Topics included:

  • Further follow-up was required on the defibrillator installation in Winforton; paperwork is required for certification of the work for insurance purposes. The Clerk is arranging to meet with the local volunteer to brief them on what needed to be done in terms of checks, etc.
  • Silent Soldier Silhouette: everyone present agreed their preferred location is outside the Sun Inn.
  • Following some recent works – thought to have been done by BT – there is an issue with a raised manhole cover on the southern carriageway. It was suggested residents should utilise the on-line issue reporting tools on the Herefordshire Council web site to escalate this.
  • The Grain Store planning application was on hold, following a Highways objection.
  • Traffic speed near the Courtlands was an ongoing concern.
  • A nasty pothole on the road towards the Common was causing problems. Again, it was suggested either calling the helpline or creating an on-line case via the Herefordshire Council web site to address this.
  • Regarding the restricted byway to Redgates, there is an issue with water discharging onto the pathway, which needs to be diverted via a ditch or drain.

The meeting closed at 7:20pm