Minutes APM Eardisley 14th May 2018


Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting
Held on Monday, 14th May 2018, 7:00pm, Eardisley Village Hall

In the Chair: Alan Watkins
Councillors Present: Chris Davies, Andrew Layton, Andrew Preece, Paul Whittall, Stephen Whittall, Julian Wyatt
Residents: 4                                                                          In Attendance: Alison Morgan (Clerk)

1. Open Discussion: Due to the Chairman being delayed in traffic, this session was moved to the top of the agenda. Topics included:

  • Location of the Silent Soldier Silhouette: various options & views were put forward for consideration at the next Parish Council meeting: the village gates were thought to be too distracting for drivers; the church yard too close to the school crossing; it should be clearly visible to visitors and residents; the preferred location of those present was The Pound in central Eardisley.
  • Concerns were reiterated about the felled trees on the Old Sawmills site, which was contrary to the NDP. Also, it was now unclear whether any of the provisions in the NDP, such as off-road parking for the school and a new Day Care centre were being considered by the new owner. Residents felt this was something they wished the Parish Council to pursue on their behalf.
  • A suggestion was made that working group reports/updates should be provided (in writing) by the responsible person. If that person was subsequently unable to attend the PC meeting at which the agenda item was tabled, another group member should be prepared to deliver the update to avoid the need to roll agenda items forward.
  • Concerns were expressed again about the process relating to planning notifications and difficulties of some residents to get to know about applications affecting them if they did not have on-line access or did not subscribe to e-Link.

2. Apologies were received from Phil Eggerton, Tony Raymond and Clive Skelton

3. Minutes of the Eardisley Annual Parish Meeting 2017 were agreed and signed.


4.1. The Chairman’s report covered the following general topics:

• The Clerk was congratulated on completing her first year in the role

• The Clerk had set up a new EGPC web site, which should now be used to contact the PC, as well as being the definitive source for information on meetings, planning applications, etc.

• Defibrillators were now installed in all 3 villages, initial training had been completed and refresher sessions can be arranged, if needed

• Significant road re-surfacing on the A438 took place with a high detrimental impact on businesses within the Parish, either directly or from the diversions in place; execution was deemed to be incompetent, although BBLP had carried out some restitution in the Woodseaves Road subsequently. More was expected at the Whitney end of that road, but so far this has not taken place.

• Cllr Roger Phillips was continuing to deputise for and support Cllr Clive Skelton.

• The Parish Council supported the A L Lewis VC Memorial Fund with a £600.00 donation towards the bronze statue in Hereford city centre to mark the centenary of his death.

• Silent Soldier Silhouettes were purchased for each village.

• The precept was maintained at the same level for 2018-19, but there would be no funding from Herefordshire Council this year for the Lengthsman Scheme.

• Cllr Paul Whittall was EGPC’s representative for the Kington Surgery Review Commission and was attending meetings alongside Roger Phillips.

• Data Protection changes were having a big impact on EGPC and the work of the Clerk. The Chairman and Clerk had attended training on the new EC General Data Protection Regulation and steps were being taken to ensure compliance, some of which are already in place.

4.2. The Chairman’s report covered the following Eardisley-specific topics:

• Roads and TRO’s: south of the village had been re-surfaced; it was noted there are some issues which had been pointed out to the Locality Steward during the Parish drive-round in February. Also, the school crossing surface issue had not been dealt with during the re-surfacing as expected. This would need to be followed up with BBLP. The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to extend the 30 mph zones in Eardisley and Winforton were in process. The Eardisley TRO had been made and was expected to be implemented soon; the Winforton TRO is still in the consultation process.

• The Old Sawmills site had been sold and trees were subsequently felled. A conversation with the new owner indicated native species trees will be planted once plans for developing the site were confirmed.
• An initial site visit had taken place to the Glebe Land with a consultant working on behalf of the Dioceses; it was possible the site would be selected for development along the lines outlined in the NDP, but this was at very early stages currently.

• A telecommunications mast has now been erected and was about to go live, with the intention of enhancing mobile phone signal in the area. It was recognised not all residents had been aware of these plans prior to work starting, but it was hoped communications regarding planning applications were now improved with the introduction of the new web site and the village email distribution.

• The Glebe ditch had been recently cleared to improve drainage and reduce potential flood risk.


The meeting closed at 8:10pm