26th April 2021, On-line via Zoom

Participants were reminded the meeting would be recorded and the recording retained by the Clerk until Minutes of the meeting are approved.

Present: Alan Watkins, Phil Bayliss, Ian Bowman, Chris England, James Forrest, Ken Goodman, Geoff Greenhill, Andrew Layton, Terry Morgan, Sue Prosser, Paul Whittall and Steven Whittall

In Attendance: Ward Councillor Graham Jones     Clerk to the Parish Council, Alison Morgan

Members of the Public: 12

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Nancy James, Yvonne King and Tony Raymond. Not in Attendance Lewis Price

2. No Declarations of Interest or requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

3. Open Discussion:

3.1. Ward Councillor Address: Graham reported on the High Court judgement that has resulted in Herefordshire Council (HC) being placed in special measures for provision of childcare services. There is a set-back in the timeframe of A438 repairs near Whitney Toll Bridge after none of the tenders was considered value for money. Re-tendering will delay works by some months; Graham will continue to chase the status. HC plans to publish updated guidance on riparian landowner responsibilities for ditches and hedges, etc.

3.2. Public Participation Period:

    • A statement was provided on the status of WW14/the restricted byway from Winforton to Redgates; sight of the HC/BBLP proposal on drainage is still awaited.
    • Residents of Goosepool Cottage provided an update on their planning application (Agenda item 6.3.1 below refers).

4. The Minutes of the last meeting held on 22nd March 2021 were APPROVED as a true record. The Chairman will liaise with the Clerk to sign them prior to the next meeting.

5. Finance & Compliance matters:

5.1. Year End Reports: The following 2020-21 financial reports were considered and APPROVED for adoption, as follows and can be found on the PC’s web site:

5.1.1. Receipts and Expenditure Summary
5.1.2. Budget Tracker
5.1.3. End of Year Bank Reconciliation (as input to the Annual Return submission)

5.2. Budget 2021-22: Adjustments were considered and it was RESOLVED to incorporate changes for projected staff costs and include earmarked funds for replacement noticeboards.

5.3. Insurance Renewal: After due consideration, it was AGREED existing insurance cover was adequate and since the PC has a long-term arrangement with the provider, there was little change in cost [Agenda item 9.2.1 below refers], the policy should be renewed accordingly.

5.4. Next Meetings: Eardisley Village Hall Committee advised they will re-open from 17th May (subject to latest Government guidance). It was, therefore, AGREED the annual meeting of the PC and parish meetings would convene on 17th May, with the May ordinary meeting taking place on 24th May. PC Meetings will resume using the Eardisley hall as the sole venue until such time as it is safe and practical for alternative venues to be considered. The Clerk will publish a meetings schedule shortly for the remainder of 2021.

6. Planning matters:

6.1. NDP Revisions: Cllr Bowman had circulated a briefing note prepared by him and Cllr James. The proposed approach had been presented to HC and received positive feedback. After discussion, it was unanimously RESOLVED next steps should be to continue with preparation of draft revisions to target a ‘mid-way’ revision. An update of this nature should be eligible for funding, will require consultation and inspection, but not a full referendum. The aim would be for the NDP housing policies to be re-made and therefore considered up to date at least until publication of the revised HC core strategy. The proposal for work to proceed to the point a ‘Go/No Go’ decision could be made whether to continue with final steps, vis-à-vis feedback from HC.

6.2. Ramblers Way Planning Committee Re-Direction: The proposal for the Planning Working Group to formulate a draft presentation was APPROVED. The Clerk will arrange a meeting with relevant parties. Ward Cllr Jones will advise the Committee meeting date as soon as it is announced.

6.3. Planning Applications:

6.3.1. P210362/FH – Goosepool Cottage, Winforton HR3 6EB: – Removal of existing rear extension. Proposed single and two storey rear extension. It was determined the Parish Council should set aside the ongoing legal dispute and focus on planning material considerations only. On this basis, it was RESOLVED the PC should give its support.

6.3.2. P210846/F – Courtlands Farm, Winforton HR3 6EA: Application for variation of a condition 2 of planning permission 174088 (Five dwellings with garages). To allow change of house type to Plot 1. This proposal was considered reasonable and it was RESOLVED to support this request.

6.3.3. P210602/FH – Oak Cottage, 1 The Firs, Winforton HR3 6AL: Proposal to utilise the roof space in the garage by incorporating an external timber staircase, one personnel door and two Velux conservation style roof lights. No issues were raised and it was therefore RESOLVED the PC should support this application.

6.3.4. P210698/F – Agricultural Building, Prospect Farm, Spond HR5 3LD: Proposed conversion of agricultural building into a residential dwelling and the installation of a package treatment plant and drainage field. This follows the pattern of other developments on the same site and would re-purpose a remaining redundant barn. It was therefore RESOLVED to support this application.

As usual, a round-up of all planning activity can be found on the HC Planning Portal (direct link from EGPC web site): https://eardisleygrouppc.org/planning-applications/

7. The Highways Working Group (HWG) report can be found in full on the Highways page of the EGPC web site: https://eardisleygrouppc.org/highways-working-group-reports/ Bullet points included:

A complaint was received from a resident living adjacent to the road work traffic lights on the A438 concerning the negative impact on their quality of life and lack of progress on remedial works being undertaken. At the request of the HWG, Ward Cllr Jones had contacted the resident to provide an explanation and status update. A further update will be provided when available.

7.1. BBLP Complaint: The HWG had reviewed the response received following the PC’s recent complaint, which was considered non-specific and unhelpful. It was proposed and AGREED a follow-up contact should be made. The Clerk will liaise with the HWG on content details.

7.2. Temporary Traffic Lights A438, Whitney Toll Bridge: This item was superseded by events and it was, therefore, agreed to await further developments on the tendering situation.

7.3. Review of SID Locations: The HWG proposed a review of current SID locations should be undertaken by BBLP to take account of changes to speed limits, installation of village gates, etc. since the original survey more than 10 years ago. Part of this review to consider the feasibility of Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) in addition to SIDs. The Community Commissioning model is likely to be the most appropriate channel for engaging with BBLP/HC on this topic. APPROVAL was given for further research to be done and indicative costings to be obtained

8. Replacement Noticeboards: Since the last meeting, discussions had taken place with Eardisley and Whitney Village Hall representatives to confirm requirements. The proofs and quotes for the 3 boards had been revised accordingly and were presented to this meeting. After some further discussion, it was RESOLVED to proceed with purchase of all three boards at a cost of £2,110.00 + VAT. The Clerk will liaise with the supplier and details of the approved quote will be published on the web site for transparency. [Agenda Item 5.2 above also refers.]

9. Payments:

9.1 The following payments made under delegated powers or prior approval in Minutes since the meeting on 22nd March (see payments schedule below) were ratified:

Ref. Payee Description Gross Amount (£) VAT (£)
9.1.1. Autela Payroll Services Ltd Payroll Services (Q4) 73.92 12.32
9.1.2 Hfd Council 6 x Kissing Gates 2,711.66 451.94
9.1.3 Millennium Green Trust Donation 1,200.00 0.00
9.1.4 MCG Davies PROW WO 100 150.00 0.00

9.2 It was resolved to pay the following:

Ref. Payee Description Gross Amount (£) VAT (£)
9.2.1 BHIB Insurance Renewal 309.60 0.00
9.2.2 A Morgan Office Expenses (Mar) 11.74 1.36


  1. Correspondence: The following items were noted:

10.1 Electoral Services reminder of the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections, 6th May 2021

10.2 HC notification of an increase in cost of green bags: £240.00 for a box of 50 (£4.80 per roll)

10.3 Noise complaint – Eardisley resident

11. Matters for the Next Agenda – No discussion


Please send Agenda items for the next meeting to the Clerk by Friday, 14th May 2021, thank you.


NEXT MEETINGS – Eardisley Village Hall: Annual Meeting, Monday 17th May 2021, 7:30pm

Annual Parish Meetings, Monday 17th May 2021, 8:00pm

Ordinary Meeting, Monday 24th May 2021, 7:30pm