Minutes 23rd July 2018

23rd July 2018, Winforton Community Hall


Present: Alan Watkins (Chair), Chris Davies, Phil Eggerton, Terry Morgan, Lewis Price, Sue Prosser, Paul Whittall, Stephen Whittall, Julian Wyatt
In Attendance: Clerk to the Parish Council Alison Morgan
Members of the Public: 9

1. Apologies were accepted from Ward Councillors Clive Skelton & Roger Phillips, James Forrest, Ken Goodman, Andrew Layton, Andrew Preece, Rob Taylor Not in Attendance: Tony Raymond,

2. Cllr Phil Eggerton declared an Interest in Agenda item 5.3 and the register was signed accordingly.

2.1. No requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

3. Open Discussion:

3.1. Ward Councillor Address: The latest report from Roger is due shortly and will be circulated and published on the EGPC web site when available.

3.2. Public Participation Period: Topics and comments made included:

  • Yvonne King reminded the PC of a succession of changes affecting Footpath WW1 in Winforton next to the Poppins development, dating back to 2015, that resulted in a diversion order in 2016 and a change to the Definitive Map. Documentation was provided that will be scanned and forwarded to the Highways Group for reference & consideration. Point 2 of the Diversion Order stated “an alternative highway for use as a replacement for the footpath …. Shall be created to the ‘reasonable satisfaction’ of Herefordshire Council ….” The current state of pedestrian access was considered unacceptable by Mrs King and Footpaths Officer (FO), Susan Warne, who also spoke on the subject.
  • The Chairman advised access to WW1 was looked at, together with Lara Edwards (BBLP) during the recent Parish Drive-Round and it was believed the developer would dig out and make good the pathway, removing the build-up of material encroaching on the base of the resident’s fence alongside.
  • Susan Warne (FO) commented on the lack of pavements/pathways in general associated with developments in Winforton. Nancy James pointed to Policy H7 (b) of the NDP, which stipulates “design of roads and parking areas within any site should minimise the effects on pedestrians”.
  • An issue was highlighted at the Courtlands about speed and drivers not giving way between the private and unclassified sections of road servicing No’s 1-10 and 11,12. Would it be possible to have signs to slow traffic?
  • Concerns about crops overgrowing Footpath WW1 near The Poppins. Lara Edwards was planning a general letter to landowners to remind them of the need to leave a minimum 1m clearance; the Chairman had spoken to this particular landowner who agreed to leave greater margins next time the field is planted with crops.

4. The Minutes of the meeting held on 18th June 2018 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

5. The Finance & Compliance Working Group reported:

5.1. Parish Council Financial Expenditure: In response to an agenda item requested from the previous meeting, the Clerk presented an overview of the process for making decisions on financial expenditure and the related powers invested in Parish Councils. It is planned to create a new area on the web site for FAQ’s and details of this response will be published there shortly.

5.2. Policies & Procedures (for Adoption): The FCWG had reviewed the policies on the agenda, links to which were circulated to councillors prior to the meeting to allow time for consideration. All documents are based on model policies drawn up by NALC/HALC, etc., to ensure best practices are incorporated and compliance with statutory obligations.

5.2.1. Complaints Procedure: the draft policy was approved & adopted without amendment.

5.2.2. Equal Opportunities Policy: the draft was approved and adopted without amendment.

5.2.3. Press & Media Policy: the draft was approved and adopted without further amendment.

5.2.4. Publication Scheme & PC Information Guide: further time was required by the FCWG to review these documents and it was, therefore, agreed to postpone adoption until the September PC meeting.

5.2.5. Risk Management Policy & Risk Assessment: after discussion, these documents were approved and adopted without further amendment.

5.2.6. Standing Orders: the FCWG had spent considerable time reviewing EGPC-specific updates to this document. Due to the volume of content, a final draft would be circulated in advance of the September meeting to allow time for review by all councillors.

5.2.7. Financial Regulations: As per item 5.2.6, above.

Except for item 5.2.5, policies will be routinely reviewed at annual meetings in May; it is intended the FCWG will routinely undertake a Risk Assessment twice a year, with the next review due ahead of the next internal audit. In future, the Risk Management Policy will be updated, if required, following Risk Assessments; if no changes are required, this will be documented to aid transparency.

5.3. P3 Contract Documentation: Cllr Eggerton left the room for this item. The FCWG was in the process of finalising changes to a standard form of words for a contract to be put in place between EGPC and the agreed P3 Contractor for 2018-19 (P Eggerton Estates Maintenance). Following explanation, it was RESOLVED the FCWG should send the final version of the contract to Mr. Eggerton for his consideration as soon as possible. Subject to agreement by both parties, the contract should be formally signed at the next PC meeting.

6. The Planning Working Group (PWG) had considered two new planning applications requiring PC comments.

6.1. Following recommendations from the PWG and general discussion, it was AGREED the Clerk should send PC comments to the Planning Department at HC, as follows:

6.1.1. P182237/FH – 12 Canon Ford Avenue, Eardisley HR3 6PL: Proposed single storey extension. Councillors were satisfied that provided the size of the proposed structure was within permitted limits, the application should be supported.

6.1.2. P172910/F – Fairlands, Winforton HR3 6EB: Take down pole barn and replace it with a new agriculture building. With the proviso that future use should remain agricultural, Councillors were happy to support this application.

6.2. A round-up of all planning activity since the last meeting can be found in Planning Minutes July on the EGPC web site and/or you can review full details of each application via the HC Planning Portal (direct link from EGPC web site): https://eardisleygrouppc.org/planning-applications/

7. The Highways Working Group (HWG) gave their report, in addition the following agenda items were discussed:

7.1. Eardisley TRO Update: an email was received from Graham Hornsby (BBLP) advising he had encountered an issue with the location of street lighting vis-à-vis the proposed changes to the 30mph speed restriction zone and repeater signs. The result is several repeater signs will need to be removed, but at the same time, some new ones in unlit area will be installed. It was agreed this was not an issue and the priority was the extension of the 30mph zone to the gates.

7.2. Parish Drive Round (PDR), Whitney/Winforton: This took place on 26th June. HWG members Terry Morgan & James Forrest represented Whitney & Winforton, in addition the Chairman and Clerk joined Lara Edwards (BBLP) and Lengthsman (Richard Mills). Brief updates were given by Terry Morgan and Glynn Bailey. Full details, including expected actions, will be published in a new area of the EGPC web site shortly.

7.3. Proposed Lengthsman Works: The HWG recommended the Lengthsman should be engaged to follow up on necessary works identified during the PDR. Namely, there would be a benefit from improving visibility at main junctions in the parish villages, as well as from widening pavement access for pedestrians on the A438 in Whitney and through central Winforton in either direction and on both sides of the A438 from the Sun Inn. The proposals were APPROVED and the Clerk will issue Works Orders and liaise with the Lengthsman accordingly.

7.4. ‘No SatNav’ Warning Signs: After further investigation, the HWG advised 3 signs would be required and could be attached to existing structures in each location. The preferred signage comprised a pictorial warning (as used recently in other problem areas nationally) to take account of non-English speaking HGV drivers. It was RESOLVED the Clerk should determine pricing and check with BBLP in case specific permissions are required.

8. Community Services update:

8.1. Defibrillator Signage: Councillors had given some thought to location of signs in Winforton (at the roadside by Sportfish?) and two for Whitney (one outside the Boat Inn and the other on or within the site of the Carrot & Wine store). An enquiry will be made to the owners of the latter. Location(s) still need to be determined for Eardisley.

8.2. ‘No Dog Fouling’ signs (Eardisley, near the Pump House): Cllr Preece reported it should be possible to affix a sign to the Pump House as other signs were already attached to it. The Clerk advised HC is running an initiative linked to the Public Spaces Protection Order for Dog Control, which is now in force. A limited number of signs are being made available to town and parish councils. It was AGREED the Clerk should bid for several signs in case it was possible to obtain suitable signage free of charge.

8.3. Kington Town Pharmacy Availability: On several occasions recently, the Pharmacy (now run by Rowlands) had closed without prior notice causing problems for patients trying to collect or order medication. The Chairman advised this was due to a shortage of qualified Pharmacists. Rowlands was taking steps to address the issue.

9. Bank balances as at 9th July were confirmed as follows:

Main Account:                          £10,703.37
No. 2 Account:                            £7,353.90
Business Saver Account:         £3,780.66

Since the last meeting, the Clerk paid (<£100.00 & dispensation on green bags):

Payee                                 Description                                       Gross Amount (£)   VAT (£)
V8 Media Ltd                     Monthly Web Site Hosting                           19.39                   3.23
Herefordshire Council     Green Bags                                                   304.00                   0.00
Whitney VH                       Hall Hire (May Parish Meetings)                   15.00                   0.00
Wix.com Ltd/N. James     Domain Connection (community web site)86.40                 14.40
Wix.com Ltd/N. James     Domain Name 20.72 3.45

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee                                 Description                                       Gross Amount (£)   VAT (£)
A Morgan                           Office & Clerk Expenses (June)                    44.29                  1.33
V8 Media Ltd Monthly     Web Site Hosting                                            19.39                  3.23

10. Correspondence: The following item was noted:

• Hay on Wye RBL: notification of commemorative events over weekend of 4/5th August. Details would be circulated via village email distributions.

11. Matters for the Next Agenda – no discussion:

11.1. Eardisley Flood Alert Scheme.


Please send Agenda items to the Clerk by Friday, 7th September, thank you.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, 17th September 2018, 7:30pm, Eardisley Village Hall