Minutes 23rd April 2018

23rd April 2018, Eardisley Village Hall

Present: Alan Watkins (Chair), Chris Davies, Phil Eggerton, James Forrest, Terry Morgan, Andrew Preece, Sue Prosser, Paul Whittall, Steven Whittall, Julian Wyatt
In Attendance: Ward Cllr Roger Phillips; Clerk to the Parish Council Alison Morgan
Members of the Public: 11

1. Apologies were accepted from Ken Goodman, Andrew Layton, Lewis Price, Ward Councillor Clive Skelton Not in Attendance: Tony Raymond, Rob Taylor

2. No Declarations of Interest were made.

2.1. No requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

3. Open Discussion: Items 3.1 and 3.2 from the Agenda were switched round at the Chairman’s request.

3.1. Introducing PCSO Stephanie Annette: the new (interim) Police Community Support Officer introduced herself and explained new officers are being trained and will attend PC meetings to make themselves known once they take up their posts. In the meantime, Steph is covering the parish area. It was AGREED the Clerk would circulate PCSO contact details via the village electronic noticeboards and add the details to EGPC web site.

3.2. Ward Councillor Report: Cllr Phillips advised there is still money available for roadworks and this is being allocated county wide. Herefordshire Council (HC) has extended Hereford United’s lease for a 30-year period and, significantly, a recent government decision means the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office will take over governance of Herefordshire’s fire service. As Chairman of Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority, Roger said he is committed to ensuring the current level and quality of service is maintained. The next meeting of the Kington Health Commission was tomorrow (24th April) to be attended by Roger and Paul Whittall. Roger has invited HC’s new leader (or his deputy) to address EGPC’s annual meeting in May.

3.3. Public Participation Period: Topics and comments made included:

  • Poor service was reported from the Kington Medical Practice. Paul and Roger were asked to give this feedback at their next meeting with the review group.
  • Issues had been experienced with litter disposal following a recent litter pick in Winforton. It was reported Balfour Beatty (BBLP) were very slow to respond, by which time the rubbish had spread causing a nuisance. Roger has highlighted the problem with BBLP; it was further AGREED the Clerk should write to BBLP on behalf of EGPC.
  • Winforton TRO: to be discussed also at Agenda point 8.1. It was reported ADL (consultants working on behalf of HC/BBLP) had so far received 3 objections and 1 representation in support of the proposal for extending the 30mph restriction zone. Deadline for making representations is noon on Friday, 4th May 2018.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 19th March 2018 were APPROVED with one adjustment to correct a typing error (marked up) on point 10, Finance; the amended copy was signed by the Chairman as a true record.

5. The Finance & Compliance Working Group reported:

5.1. End of Year Budget 2017-18: The Clerk presented the EOY budget tracker, which has been completed for income (receipts) and for all elements of expenditure except Lengthsman and P3 Scheme, which were still being finalised. As soon as the final elements are reconciled, the budget tracker will be posted on the web site. Figures from this report will be fed into the Annual Return and the Accounts / Balance Sheet scheduled for adoption at the May PC meeting.
5.2. 2018-2019 Budget: The Clerk will also include an updated overview of the 2018-19 budget at the May meeting, by which time a decision should be available on P3 Grant funding.
5.3. Data Protection Compliance Update: The Clerk and the Chairman had attended a training session run by HALC, focusing on Data management and handling, as well as cyber security. As a result, the following recommendations were put forward for consideration by the full PC:

5.3.1. To reduce risk & improve web site security, EGPC should subscribe to SSL Certificates (web security protocols) and install a Robot Checker on the ‘Contact Us’ web site page. These services are offered free of charge to HALC members. APPROVED
5.3.2. To improve data back-up arrangements and reduce risk of data loss, an additional memory stick should be purchased [at a cost not exceeding £50.00]. The proposal is for the Clerk to alternate memory sticks when performing monthly data back-ups from the EGPC laptop and to deposit the latest back-up with the Chairman for safe-keeping. The sticks to be rotated monthly. APPROVED.
5.3.3. To reduce EGPC vulnerability in the event of illness, accident or dispute with the Clerk, the Clerk to provide the Chairman with a list of passwords for laptop and other accounts / memberships to be kept by the Chairman in a sealed envelope. APPROVED.
5.3.4. To improve confidentiality of data handling, Councillors to have a new, separate email address from which to uniquely manage their councillor-related data and emails. It was RESOLVED the Clerk would look in to setting up new email addresses for councillors. In addition, it was confirmed the Clerk would not publish councillor emails on the web site on advice from the HALC training session. However, to ensure compliance with the Transparency Code without increasing vulnerability, it was recommended and AGREED the Clerk will publish Name and Telephone Numbers for councillors, together with a link to their Registers of Interests stored on the HC web site.

5.4. Annual Return 2018-19: New forms received. The Clerk will arrange a Finance & Compliance WG meeting asap to review requirements and agree a timeline for actions, including the HALC internal audit. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

6. Report from the Planning Working Group (PWG): The Chairman opened the meeting to enable Nancy James to provide an update:

6.1. The Glebe Site, Eardisley: The meeting with consultant, Philip Staddon, had been very positive and included both affordable housing and potentially bungalows. Philip’s recommendation back to the Diocese was that an initial plan should be drawn up for consideration; this proposal was subsequently approved, which may pave the way for a pre-application conversation with HC. Further developments are awaited.

6.2. The meeting was closed to consider current Planning applications as follows:

6.2.1. P180461/F Lady Arbour Farm, Eardisley HR3 6NU: Proposed agricultural steel frame portal building to accommodate a wood chip burner to heat 4 chicken broiler sheds. The application was considered and APPROVED with no objections as its location did not cause any detrimental impact.
6.2.2. P/181088/F – Bank Farm, Spond, Kington HR5 3LD: Proposed steel framed buildings to cover a muck store and open yards reducing pollution by controlling rainwater runoff. This application was considered and APPROVED with no objections.

The Clerk to respond accordingly to HC Planning on items 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 above.

6.3. A round-up of all planning activity since the last meeting can be found in Planning Minutes April on the EGPC web site and/or you can review full details of each application via the HC Planning Portal (direct link from EGPC web site): https://eardisleygrouppc.org/planning-applications/

7. Environment Working Group: This report was deferred to the May meeting due to councillor absence. Item to be reported:

7.1. Trees, Sawmills site.

8. The Highways Working Group (HWG) update covered the following:

8.1. Winforton Traffic Regulation Order: It was determined the PC response remained unchanged and it was RESOLVED, therefore, the Clerk should re-send the original response set out in an email to BBLP in November 2017. In summary, the PC supports full extension of the 30mph restriction to the gates at both ends of the village. Supporting materials enclosed were the petition signed by some 50 Winforton residents in support of this approach and recently collected SID data. This would be done prior to the 4th May deadline.

8.2. Lengthsman & P3 Scheme 2018-19, Budget, Process & Works Orders: A decision on grant funding for 2018-19 is overdue from BBLP and is expected imminently. Clerk to update when possible. This has had a knock-on to preventing the budget from being finalised. The Clerk is chasing the Lengthsman for feedback on outstanding works 2017-18. It was advised the P3 process was being reviewed and an update would be provided shortly. In the meantime, the HWG reported:

8.2.1. A missing finger post needed to be replaced on Nicholas Common, Winforton. The Clerk undertook to review whether there was one in stock or if a new one should be ordered.
8.2.2. BBLP (Lara Edwards) had been contacted in relation to an obscured footpath sign at The Hollies, Winforton, which has apparently been wrongly sited. Feedback awaited.

8.3. Village Gates: Damage, Maintenance & Spares: The HWG has this topic as a task and will report back to the full meeting as soon as possible.

8.4. Speed Indicator Devices: James Forrest has obtained costings on several different models, including solar powered, which need to be further reviewed by the HWG. In addition, James has been in touch with Ian Connolly of the Safer Roads Partnership regarding speed enforcement in Winforton. Ian advised the PC should look at more traffic calming measures before enforcement would be undertaken. Such measures could include SID’s, roundels and additional signs. HWG need to consider as a group for all three parish villages. It was further AGREED once the Winforton TRO was decided, BBLP should again be approached for possible funding of roundels and signage in keeping with the outcome of the changes to be implemented.

8.5. ‘No SatNav’ Signs: The HWG needs to make recommendations on how many signs and their proposed location to cover the loop from Woodseaves Road, around Lower Welson and out to the Kington Road.

8.6. Parking by the Church, Eardisley: Phil Eggerton will arrange to speak with the landowner regarding the issue of large vehicles being unable to negotiate the corner and the possible cost of installing an additional bell bollard. Phil to liaise with the HWG, which should consider all options.

9. Community Services: this report was deferred to the May meeting due to councillor absence. Items to be reported:

9.1. Defibrillator Signage: The Community Services Working Group (CSWG) should report back on how many signs are required, type of sign and proposed locations in each village, as appropriate.
9.2. ‘No Dog Fouling’ signs (Eardisley, near the Pump House): costs/options to be reviewed.

10. Bank balances as at 10th April were confirmed as follows:

Main Account                                £7,281.21
No. 2 Account                                £7,353.90
Business Saver Account             £3,778.78

Since the last meeting, the Clerk paid (<£100.00 and as agreed in January, Agenda item 7):

Payee                                          Description Gross                                 Amount (£)    VAT (£)
P Eggerton Estate Maint.           P3 Estimates & Meetings                              32.00                0.00
SLCC/A. Morgan                         Annual Membership Reimbursement       100.00               0.00
Whitney Village Hall                   Hall Hire (March Meeting)                            15.00                 0.00

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee                                          Description Gross                                 Amount (£)    VAT (£)
A Morgan                                     Office & Clerk Expenses (March)                 36.39                 1.33
V8 Media Ltd                              Monthly Web Site Hosting Fee                     19.39                 3.23

11. Correspondence: 1) The Chairman had written to Shaun Middleton and the Manager at Sportfish to thank them for installing and accommodating the Winforton defibrillator, respectively.

12. Matters for the Next Agenda – no discussion:


Please send Agenda items to the Clerk by Friday, 11th May, thank you.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, 21st May 2018, 7:30pm, Eardisley Village Hall (following on from the EGPC Annual Meeting, starting at 7:00pm)