Minutes 21st November 2016

Minutes – 21st November 2016 in Whitney-on-Wye Village Hall

Mr A Watkins (Chair); Mr P Whittall; Mr T Morgan; Mr T Raymond; Mr A Layton; Mr S Whittall; Mr J Forrest; Mr K Goodman; Mrs S Prosser; Mr L Price; Cllr C Skelton; Mr A Preece;

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs S Brown
13 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: – Mr C Davies; Mr J Wyatt; Mr R Taylor
2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: – Mr L Price – agenda item 13
3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: – The Minutes of the PC meeting held on 19th September 2016 and an extra-ordinary meeting held on 5th October 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chairman, as a true record.
4 Report from Cllr Clive Skelton: –
BBLP taking up a lot of his time
Crowe Turn – concerns about safety. New sign knocked and verge damaged. Site meeting asap
Lobbying for Eardisley A4111 to have tarmac work completed – hopefully 2017/18
Complaints over noise from wood-chip machine on Old Sawmills site
Planning applications very quiet
Matters discussed included:-
Village Gates
Roadside ditches – Milhalf to main road and Crowe to Leominster turn – Clerk to pass on request to Lara Edwards
Traffic and Highways Report – see attached sheet 1
7 FINANCE GROUP: – The group has met to discuss the precept for 2017/18 and the arrangements for the appointment of a new parish clerk. There have been three applications for the post and the interviews will be held next week – November 29th 2016
8. LENGTHSMAN/P3 SCHEMES in 2017/18 + 2018/19: – The Clerk outlined the changes in funding from HC and how it will impact on the PC. It was AGREED to continue with the Lengthsman scheme in 2017/18.
9 WINFORTON PREACHING CROSS: – it is listed in its present location and there would be costs to move it with a high level of justification required to do so. It was AGREED to take no further action
10 KINGTON SURGERY: – a letter had been received from Mr Malcolm Sampson, Practice Manager answering the questions raised by the PC. 3 doctors leaving the Practice by the end of March 2017
11 DEFIBRILLATORS: –As agreed at the Extra-ordinary Meeting 3 defibrillators have been ordered and delivered. They will need to be installed in a central location in each village. Whitney and Eardisley at their Village Hall (subject to agreement from VH committee). KG and SP to enquire at Sportfish in Winforton. It was AGREED the PC would fund the installation costs in each case. Training is available through WMAS. Clerk to arrange.
12 CROWE TURN ROADWORKS: – J Forrest had received a letter from HC – the works were instigated by HC’s Accident Investigation Team. Concerns raised about the safety of the new layout for pedestrians.
13 Whitney-on-Wye COMMUNITY LIBRARY: – hope to refurbish other rooms for use as craft workshops. No conflict with village hall.
14 WINFORTON NOTICE-BOARD: – Terry Morgan has refurbished it. The Chairman thanked T Morgan for his work
15 BT CONSULTATION ON LOCAL PAYPHONES: – The phone-box in Winforton has been identified as one BT would like to decommission – 1 call made in last 12 months. Unfortunately BT has confused the Winforton and Eardisley boxes. Clerk has contacted them and Anthony Bush at HC. Some concern over lack of mobile signal in Winforton.
The bank balances were given
The Finance Group recommended that the precept for 2017/18 should be £10,000. This was AGREED.
It was RESOLVED to pay: –
Clerk salary 383.57
+ tax 95.89
Office expenses 108.11
It was AGREED to pay
Winforton – Double White Lines Technical Drawing (BBLP) 200(max) + VAT

P163204/F – Stone Barn, Winforton Court, Winforton Herefordshire
Proposed change of use of existing barn conversions to separate residential uses

19 MATTERS FOR NEXT AGENDA (No discussion)
Crowe Turn

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: – Monday 16th January 2017 in Eardisley