Minutes 18th April 2017

Minutes Of Meeting 18th April 2017, Whitney Village Hall

Mr A Watkins (Chair), Mr C Davies, Mr J Forrest, Mr K Goodman, Mr A Layton, Mr T Morgan, Mr A Preece, Mr L Price, Mrs S Prosser, Cllr C Skelton, Mr P Whittall, Mr S Whittall, Mr J Wyat

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs A Morgan
8 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: Mr P Eggerton, Mr R Taylor; NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Mr T Raymond
3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The Minutes of the PC meeting held on 20th March 2017 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
4 REPORT FROM COUNCILLOR SKELTON: No report was presented, due to Cllr Skelton’s absence from work leading up to the meeting.

– Proposed changes to Winforton footpaths & the public notice published in the Hereford Times on 13th April. To be further raised under Correspondence.
– Query on membership of the Highways Working Group (HWG); to be covered
in Item 6.
– Responsibility for ditch clearance between landowners and the Lengthsman scheme.

6 HIGHWAYS WG UPDATE: 1) It was proposed & AGREED James Forrest should re-join to represent Winforton. 2) In future, the Lengthsman & P3 Officer would meet the HWG regularly & jointly agree works required, as part of an Annual Plan. 4) The beacons on the Eardisley school crossing were now working. It is thought re-surfacing is due to take place in August (at the same time as other roadworks); clarification is required from BBLP to minimise disruption to local business & residents. 5) Options for the Winforton Stone Cross, including re-siting had been revisited and the recommendation was to leave it as it is. This was proposed and AGREED. 6) Cllr Skelton said bell bollards (for parking issue by the church in Eardisley) are not stock items and an enquiry would need to be made to HCC/BBLP if these are required. 7) It was confirmed SID’s deployed comply with the number of units & time permitted in each location; HWG to look at the feasibility of other traffic calming options as part of their future remit
7 ENVIRONMENT WG UPDATE: 1) Noise reduction measures applied recently to the wood chipping machinery in Eardisley appeared to have been successful; no further complaints had been received at this point. 2) The Clerk advised a case officer from Stonewater management company was allocated to the dog fouling issue at The Courtlands; an initial response was received, but this required further follow up.
8 PLANNING WG UPDATE: 1) A copy of the District Valuer’s report was sent to EGPC by Andrew Banks for 152261 – The Old Sawmills, Eardisley. It was recommended the proposal to remove the requirement for affordable housing should be strongly rejected by EGPC once more as the proposals directly contradict the NDP and would set a dangerous precedent not only for EGPC but for other Herefordshire parish councils with adopted NDP’s. It was also recommended EGPC should attend the HCC Planning Committee meeting on 26th April, when it was understood a decision would be made, to make representations in person to support EGPC’s views. This was proposed and unanimously AGREED. 2) Cllr Skelton was requested to check the status regarding Winforton Wood, where several previous planning applications had been refused as it was understood there may have been developments.
9 FINANCE & COMPLIANCE WG UPDATE: 1) The Clerk reported the 2016-17 claim for Lengthsman/P3 expenditure was approved by HCC & monies refunded. 2) The budget for 2017-18 was also approved, pending signing & return of the contract. 3) The Clerk was chasing the last VAT claim up to 30.04.2015 as no response had been received from HMRC. 4. It was AGREED to adopt the HCC Code of Conduct for Councillors, which includes a process for requesting dispensation in respect of declared interests. The Clerk to circulate to all councillors, together with guidance on the dispensation form. This will also be on the new EGPC web site when available. 5) The Group recommended EGPC should take up the new Internal Audit service offered by HALC for the 2016-17 annual return to ensure compliance with audit rules and assist with changed requirements from 2017. The cost of this service is £150.00. This item was proposed and AGREED. 6) A complaint had been received about a councillor allegedly benefiting from having personal work done in conjunction with council road resurfacing. This allegation was rejected by the councillor. No evidence has been presented to support such a claim, nevertheless the matter had been brought to the attention of EGPC for transparency.
10 EGPC 2017 MEETINGS SCHEDULE: The Clerk advised the schedule, which included some enforced changes due to venue availability, will be circulated & posted on parish noticeboards in the near future.
11 IT: WEB SITE & EQUIPMENT: The Clerk reported the grant application for Transparency Funding was approved in the sum of £1,170.49. The Clerk would action steps agreed previously to set up an EGPC dedicated web site and purchase associated IT equipment.
12 DEFIBRILLATORS: Approval was received from Eardisley VH to locate the unit on the outside wall of the village hall. It is likely the same electrician used in Whitney will be engaged to do Eardisley & Winforton installations and this is proceeding. Meanwhile, dates for training are confirmed as 23rd and 25th May at 7:00pm in Whitney & Eardisley respectively. The Clerk will publicise the events.
13 FINANCE: The bank balances were given as follows:

Main Account £ 8,441.48
No. 2 Account £ 1,808.06
Business Saver Account £ 3,776.24

Since the last meeting, the Clerk has paid:

Payee Description Amount (£)
Herefordshire Council Replacement Green Bags 370.00
Tony Jones & Son Debrillator Installation (Whitney) 59.40

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee Description Amount (£)
Orangeleaf Systems Ltd. NDP Web Site Hosting 180,00
A Morgan Office & Clerk Expenses 58.84

15 MATTERS FOR NEXT AGENDA (No discussion):

  • Flower Boxes/Planters for village gates
  • Winforton Wood planning status
  • Updates from Working Groups
    Any other items to be sent to the Clerk by Friday, 5th May, please.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: – Monday 15th May 2017, 7:30pm, Eardisley Village Hall (following on from EGPC Annual Meeting, starting at 7:00pm)