Minutes 16th October 2017

Minutes of Meeting 16th October 2017

Whitney on Wye Village Hall

Present: Alan Watkins (Chair), Chris Davies, James Forrest, Andrew Layton, Terry Morgan, Lewis Price, Tony Raymond, Rob Taylor, Paul Whittall, Steven Whittall
In Attendance: Clerk to the Parish Council Alison Morgan
15 Members of the Public

1. Apologies accepted from Phil Eggerton, Andrew Preece, Sue Prosser, Ward Councillor Clive Skelton, Julian Wyatt and Deputising Ward Councillor Roger Phillips. Not in Attendance: Ken Goodman

2. No Declarations of Interest were received and the Register was duly annotated.

2.1. No requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

3. Open Discussion:

3.1. The Clerk presented a summary of the Ward Councillor’s October report. Main points included highways matters (A438), Kington area future health review and bid for fire services management by West Mercia Police Commissioner. A full copy of the report was circulated to village email distribution lists and will be posted on the web site shortly.

3.2. Public Participation Period:

DMMO addition of footpaths near Lady Arbour Farm Eardisley & Willersley: The Open Spaces Society has appealed to the Secretary of State in relation to the likely decision not to implement any changes, for which there is also some local support (see also below).

Rights of Way Issues Winforton/Eardisley: Since the last meeting, Susan Warne reported the ROW Enforcement Officer, Shane Hancock, has walked the problematic routes and liaised with landowners. Susan is hopeful remedial action will be taken; she & the EO will be following up.

Eardisley Road: re-surfaced area is causing flood risk to shop and houses (this was reported at the last meeting & Roger Phillips is also following up); the road north of the village to the village gates is in a very poor condition. It was AGREED the Highways WG would contact Lara Edwards (Locality Manager) to formally request the work be included in next year’s budget.

Whitney on Wye Ditches: are reported to require work as they are blocked and water comes across the road when it rains. It was AGREED this should be added to the Highways list of tasks to discuss with the Lengthsman.

Road Closure Notifications A438: roadside signs and HC web site information conflicts. Clerk is circulating information from BBLP as it comes in, but this is being received quite close to the event and is always subject to change.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 18th September 2017 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

5. The Finance & Compliance Working Group had met to review the budget:

5.1. The Clerk presented the half year budget report to 30.09.2017 and highlighted changes in 2017-18 versus 2016-17, as well as explaining actual performance to the half year point and projected results to 31.03.2018. Indications are that overall spending will remain within budget. The F&C WG will undertake further analysis at their next meeting in early November and provide a recommendation on 2018-19 precept levels at the next PC meeting. The H1 budget report will be published on the web site.

5.2. The Clerk reported recent changes to the HC version of the councillor Code of Conduct have resulted in updates to the definition of interests. This will be discussed further by the F&C WG at its next meeting, with the aim of arranging an info session for councillors and a review to ensure individual Registrable Interests declaration forms are complete and up to date. Related updates to the web site are also required to ensure compliance with the Transparency Code.

6. The Planning Working Group had met since the last PC meeting to consider new applications. The Chairman opened the meeting to enable Nancy James (resident member of the group) to present the report and recommendations, which were debated by full Council as per 6.2 below.

6.1. The Clerk had received feedback from the HC Planning Enforcement Officer (Debbie Crowley) that she had followed up PC concerns regarding the recent construction to the rear of Garden House, Church Road, Eardisley. Since the building will be ancillary to the main dwelling and will be used as a games room, HC concluded the structure does fall within permitted development. It was, therefore, AGREED no further action is required.

6.2. The following applications were reviewed:

6.2.1. 163948 Amendments to bungalow, adjacent to The Meadows, Almeley Road, Eardisley: no objections were raised and it was therefore AGREED EGPC supports the proposed changes.

6.2.2. 173407 Land off Bakers Lane, Winforton: proposed erection of agricultural grain store: the meeting was opened briefly again as this application has led to some strong, local feeling. Affected residents were advised to make personal representations to HC. After closing the meeting, the PC accepted the recommendations of the PWG and AGREED to support the application with some requests concerning timing of the work and mitigating the impact on the local residential area.

6.2.3. 173675 Variation to existing approval, Barn A conversion to dwelling, Spond, Kington: PG recommendations were accepted and it was AGREED to support the proposed changes. However, concern was raised about the validity of a second structure behind the barn, for which no application is thought to have been submitted. It was, therefore, AGREED the Clerk would raise this with the Enforcement Officer.

6.2.4. 173611 Covered agricultural manure store. It was AGREED to support this application as per PWG recommendations.

6.3. The Clerk had contacted HC to chase the status of application 172577 (Eardisley Fire Station) and was advised there are no issues, the delay in determination is due to volume of work; a decision is expected shortly. A full round-up of planning activity since the September meeting can be found on the EGPC web site.

7. Ward Councillor Roger Phillips had received a response from HC regarding the blocked ditch on EE16. HC advised they (via BBLP) accepted responsibility for drainage under the main road, but not the sections along the footpath. Therefore, the PC would be responsible for clearance. Prior to instructing the Lengthsman, it was AGREED the Clerk should contact the land registry to seek further clarification of ownership.

8. The Highways Working Group (HWG) covered the following:

8.1. A438 roadworks status was mainly covered in item 3 above. It was confirmed it should be possible to implement double white lining in Winforton as part of the planned resurfacing; extension of the 30mph speed limit would be dealt with separately.

8.2. It was AGREED not to pursue the proposal for naming the new Winforton restricted byway in memory of A L Lewis VC, since this had been overtaken by a proposed memorial walk to link Whitney & Brilley.

8.3. Fallen & dangerous trees on Footpath EE16: The Clerk had contacted the home owner, who advised the trees were located outside his fence, i.e. the boundary, and it was therefore likely no direct ownership could be proven. Meanwhile, the affected trees constituted a danger on a public highway. It was AGREED the Clerk should make further enquiries with the land registry regarding ownership.

8.4. DMMO Proposed addition of footpaths near Lady Arbour Farm and Willersley: the PC RESOLVED not to alter its original decision, i.e. it concurred with the draft findings of HC not to make an order in this instance. However, residents were encouraged to make their own representations, as appropriate.

9. Community Services: the following items were reported:

9.1. Defibrillators: primary contact volunteers for Eardisley were now in place and would be briefed by the Clerk. It was AGREED one last attempt would be made to arrange the Winforton electrical work with the same contractor, otherwise an alternative would be sought.

9.2. Eardisley Street Lighting: The faulty light in Almeley Road was reported as being repaired.

9.3. Kington Health Commission Review: Paul Whittall is EGPC’s representative & attended a further meeting recently. A new doctor is expected in December and the drop-in clinic is to be replaced by a dial-up service. There is concern about the decision to close the Jack Logan Unit. It was AGREED EGPC should write to the Commission to underline the importance of keeping the unit open.

10. Finance: Bank balances as at 9th October were confirmed as follows:

Main Account                                  £13,127.25
No. 2 Account                                    £2,678.89
Business Saver Account                 £3,776.24

Since the last meeting, the Clerk has paid (<£100.00 & dispensation on green bags):

Payee                                                      Description               Gross Amount (£)             VAT (£)
Grant Thornton                                     External Audit Fees               120.00                          20.00
Clerks & Councils Direct                      Annual Subscription               12.00                             0.00

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee                                                          Description                      Gross Amount (£)           VAT (£)
HMRC                                                           Employers PAYE                        253.32                            0.00
Tony Jones & Son                                       Defib. Install. (Eardisley)          180.00                          30.00
HALC                                                            Internal Audit Service               180.00                          30.00
A Morgan                                                     Office & Clerk Expenses             57.35                            1.33
A Morgan                                                     Web Site Set-up (No.2 A/c)         97.43                            0.00

11. Correspondence: 1) Statement from HC on Blueschool House Audit. It was AGREED EGPC should write to express its disappointment in the conduct of those involved. 2) Acknowledgement & thanks received from the AL Lewis VC Memorial Fund for recent donation. 3) Signed acceptance of terms & thanks received from Millennium Green Trust for recent grant. 4) Request from the Unknown Donor’s Charity for a Winforton councillor to become a Trustee; James Forrest volunteered his services.

12. Matters for the Next Agenda – no discussion:

Please send Agenda items to the Clerk by Friday, 10th November, thank you.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, 20th November 2017, 7:30pm, Whitney on Wye Village Hall