Minutes 16th January 2017

Minutes – 16th January 2017 in Eardisley Village Hall

Mr A Watkins (Chair), Mr P Eggerton, Mr J Forrest, Mr K Goodman, Mr A Layton, Mr T Morgan, Mrs S Prosser, Mr R Taylor, Mr P Whittall, Mr S Whittall, Mr J Wyatt

Clerk to the Parish Council – Mrs A Morgan
19 members of the public

1 APOLOGIES: Mr C Davies, Mr A Preece, Mr L Price, Mr T Raymond, Cllr C Skelton
2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: None. Additionally, the Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Clerk, Sue Brown, which was fully endorsed by those present.
3 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The Minutes of the PC meeting held on 21st November 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
4 Report from Herefordshire Ward Councillor Clive Skelton: The report was not presented or discussed due to Cllr Skelton’s absence.
Matters discussed:
– Clarification by the Traffic & Highways Group of its status vis-à-vis the Parish Council. Following confirmation by the Chairman that in future only the Highways Working Party would have official status for Parish Council affairs, the Group made the decision to stand down and will hand over to the new working party accordingly.
– Implications & risks of the loss of expertise from the Traffic & Highways Group.
– The Chairman AGREED to schedule an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday, 20th February to discuss set up of the Highways and other Working Groups.
– Planning Application (Barley Close, Eardisley). General concerns were raised and specific areas where it was felt the proposal did not meet Neighbourhood Plan criteria were highlighted.
6 Traffic and Highways Report: Roger Burrage reported the proposed significant improvements for Eardisley school crossing were approved to be funded by HCC at no cost to the Parish Council. Work is scheduled to be carried out during half term, w/c 11.02.2017. The group will complete the report on the Village Gateways installation for the Police & Crime Commissioner by the end of the year. The full report is attached to these Minutes for reference.
7 FINANCE GROUP: At the Chairman’s request, this item was moved to closed session as it included personal details concerning appointment of the new Clerk.
8 CROWE TURN: J Forrest met with Lara Edwards (BBPL) & Simon Hobbs (HCC). The work was a Traffic Safety Committee decision & won’t be re-done. However, it was agreed the corner should be re-shaped (to better accommodate lorries, etc.) and Lara is looking at the possibility of concreting an area by the farm as a pedestrian waiting place.
9 DEFIBRILLATORS: Locations were confirmed as Eardisley Community Access Point (CAP), Whitney Village Hall and Sportfish, Winforton. Electricians are being engaged locally to carry out installation and it was AGREED the Parish Council would meet these costs. Invoices will be submitted when the work is carried out. In addition, ongoing costs for batteries and replacement pads would need to be met by the Parish Council. It was AGREED training sessions would be arranged – most likely 3 dates at central points in each location – once installation is complete.
10 FLOODING: On-line predictions are updated every two hours, but this may not be often enough and do not take account of conditions specific to Letton and the surrounding areas. There are no known plans to improve the frequency or accuracy of such warnings, which is a risk.
11 LENGTHSMAN & P3 SCHEMES: The Clerk had received notification that an annual plan of projected work must be completed by the Parish Council and returned to BBLP by 28th February, 2017. It was AGREED the Highways Working Group should collate these details, based on a similar level of work to the previous year. It was further AGREED works carried out in 2017/2018 should be more closely monitored by the Highways Group on behalf of the Parish Council to ensure value for money; this may include taking before and after photographs.
12 SANDBAGS: It was confirmed empty sandbags are available to the public from Eardisley Fire Station; filled sandbags are currently available at Willersley Court, Winforton and Lower House, Whitney. It was AGREED the Clerk will put a reminder in the next parish magazine, together with an offer from Terry Morgan to deliver to anyone not able to collect in person.
13 FINANCE: The bank balances were given as follows:

Main Account £10,767.25
No. 2 Account £ 1,853.00
Business Saver Account £ 3,776.24

It was RESOLVED to pay the following (NB: Enviroshred is from No. 2 A/c as this relates to Neighbourhood Plan data):

Payee Description Amount (£)
Enviroshred Confidential Shredding   44.94
Eardisley Village Hall Hall Hire   17.00
Whitney on Wye Village Hall Interview Room Hire    8.00
T Morgan Noticeboard Refurbishment   19.98
R Mills Lengthsman Works 774.00
S Brown Clerk’s Salary (Dec-Jan) 383.57
S Brown PAYE   95.89
S Brown Office Expenses   36.09
A Morgan Clerk’s Salary (Jan, gross) 241.17
Balfour Beatty Technical Drawings (Winforton double white lines) 199.20

14 CORRESPONDENCE was noted. Specifically, it was AGREED representation should be made by the Parish Council at an event being organised by HCC “Implementing your Neighbourhood Plan” on 23rd February. The event is 6:30-9:30pm at Bartestree Village Hall. Interested Councillors to notify the Clerk by 31st January.
P163896/F – Plots 1 and 2 Ramblers Way, Winforton, Herefordshire
Proposed detached dwellings on plots 1 and 2: No objections were noted.
P163761/F – Land off Barley Close, Woodseaves Road, Eardisley, Herefordshire
Proposed residential development comprising 10 open market family homes. Concerns were noted relating to access, design, environment, flood risk and house type and whether Neighbourhood Plan criteria were fully considered in these areas. Parish Council support was, therefore, withheld at this time as further clarification would be required.
16 FINANCE GROUP: Appointment of the new clerk was AGREED during closed session.
17 MATTERS FOR NEXT AGENDA (No discussion)
Set-up and terms of reference of Working Groups
Any other items to be sent to the Clerk by Friday, 10th February.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING: – Monday 20th February 2017 in Whitney on Wye