15th April 2019, Whitney on Wye Village Hall

Present: Alan Watkins (Chair), Chris Davies, Phil Eggerton, James Forrest, Ken Goodman, Terry Morgan, Andrew Layton, Lewis Price, Sue Prosser, Tony Raymond, Paul Whittall and Steven Whittall

In Attendance: Clerk to the Parish Council, Alison Morgan

Members of the Public: 18

1. Apologies were accepted from Ward Councillor Clive Skelton, Deputising Ward Councillor Roger Phillips and Andrew Preece. Not in Attendance: Julian Wyatt and Rob Taylor

2. No Declarations of Interest were made.

2.1. No requests for Dispensation were received for this meeting.

3. Open Discussion:

3.1. Ward Councillor Address: Roger was unable to be present in person. His latest report has been circulated and will be posted on the EGPC web site shortly.

3.2. Public Participation Period: Items discussed included:

  • Item 8.1 below refers. Yvonne King met with PC Dean Wall on site at the Courtlands; Dean agreed to meet with BBLP Locality Steward to discuss the speeding/signage issue. A Community Commissioning Assessment Request Form needs to be completed by EGPC and sent to BBLP as soon as possible.
  • The issue of speeding on the A438 near to Whitney Toll Bridge was again highlighted (Item 8.2 refers).
  • A representation was made in support of the grant application by Eardisley Tennis & Croquet Club (Item 5.3 refers). Councillors were able to ask questions about the project.
  • Further requests for anti-dog fouling signs were made for consideration by the Highways Group.

4. The Minutes of the meeting held on 18th March 2019 were APPROVED and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

5. The Finance & Compliance Working Group (FCWG) reported confirmation of the 2019-20 precept level (£12,000.00) with the first instalment due in April. In addition, the final P3 grant funding claim had been approved and paid meaning the full grant for 2018-19 was utilised. Additional agenda items were:

5.1. May 2nd Elections Update: The Clerk confirmed after closure of nominations, Whitney councillor positions were uncontested and remain as before. Winforton has a new councillor, Mrs Yvonne King, taking over from Rob Taylor. In Eardisley, six vacancies have arisen; guidance on co-option is awaited from the Electoral Services office and will be made available as soon as possible.

5.2. End of Year Financial Affairs:

5.2.1. Internal Audit: The FCWG recommended the HALC internal audit service should be used again in preparation for the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR); the cost is likely to be the same or similar to last year. This was APPROVED and the Clerk will make necessary arrangements to provide the requested schedule of documentation to HALC, as required.

5.2.2. Bank Reconciliation, Payments and Income Summaries: The Clerk presented spreadsheets detailing the above, which form input for the end of year accounts (to be approved at the May meeting); they were previously reviewed by the FCWG. The documents were duly APPROVED and signed off by the Chairman and Clerk. They will be published on the Accounts and Finance page of the EGPC web site shortly, along with other AGAR forms and supporting documentation as it becomes available.

5.3. Eardisley Tennis Club Donation Request: An application for funding was received and circulated. Following discussion to better understand the project and associated decisions, it was proposed and RESOLVED to grant a donation of £250.00 towards the cost of purchasing and installing a defibrillator at the Club, which would also be available to the public.

5.4. Parish Noticeboards: No further update; this item will be rolled forward to the next meeting.

5.5. Lengthsman/P3 2019-2020: The Hereford Times advertising cost starting at £99.00 plus VAT was considered too high; the Clerk has sent invitations to tender to known local contractors, notices have been put on village noticeboards and it was AGREED the Clerk should place notices in as many parish magazines as possible covering a local radius.

5.6. Vexatious Complaints Policy: Following further updates and review, it was RESOLVED to adopt this draft policy. Review date will be set to May 2020.

6. Planning Working Group (PWG) matters: Items were reported as below:

6.1. Hereford NDP Housing Delivery Questionnaires: Draft questionnaires were presented to the meeting and, after debate, it was AGREED the Clerk should send the completed forms to Herefordshire Council. Documentation will be published on the web site shortly.

6.2. Appeal Decision P174088 (land adjoining Courtlands Farm): The PWG expressed their concern that the Planning Inspectorate decision to overturn the original refusal disregarded EGPC’s objections (vis-à-vis the NDP) as well as those of HC. It was recommended a meeting be arranged with Hereford Planning to discuss the matter. This was APPROVED and the Clerk will contact HC Planning accordingly.

6.3. Planning Enforcement: the old Sawmills site: The Clerk advised an enforcement officer from HC Planning visited the site but was unable to establish which structure(s) to inspect. It was AGREED the Clerk would provide the officer with telephone contact details to provide clarification.

6.4. P190877/L – Arboyne House, Church Road, Eardisley HR3 6NH: Application to make roof repairs and renovations, including new roof lights. It was RESOLVED this application should be supported and the Clerk will respond accordingly. A round-up of all planning activity can be found in Planning Minutes April 2019 on the EGPC web site and on the HC Planning Portal (direct link from EGPC web site): https://eardisleygrouppc.org/planning-applications/

7. Great Oak Tree Parking Concerns: Concerns were raised about motorists parking under the tree and the question of risk and liability, which would extend to other trees throughout the parish. It was RESOLVED the question of ownership and associated liability should be further explored by the Environment Working Group.

8. Highways Working Group (HWG) matters:

8.1. Priority R.O.W for Motorists (the Courtlands): The status of this item was as reported by Mrs King under 3.2 above. It was further AGREED Mrs King and the Clerk would together complete the necessary paperwork and send it in to BBLP to set the ball rolling.

8.2. Speeding Issues A438 near Whitney Toll Bridge: Also discussed under 3.2 above. Although councillors understood concerns and had visited the area recently to experience the problem, there was not considered to be an obvious solution. Nevertheless, it would be discussed further, including with BBLP, to see if any options might be feasible.

8.3. Lengthsman/P3 Scheme Update: See item 5.5 above; new and outstanding works identified will need to be noted until contractor(s) can be engaged. Any newly identified work to be notified to the HWG as usual.

9. Bank balances as at 9th April were confirmed as follows:

Main Account:                                              £5,102.94
No. 2 Account:                                              £7,858.97
Business Saver Account:                           £3,786.33

Since the last meeting, the Clerk paid (<£100.00 & dispensation on green bags):

Payee                                       Description                             Gross Amount (£)               VAT (£)
N/A                                                                                                        0.00                                   0.00

It was RESOLVED to pay the following:

Payee                                       Description                             Gross Amount (£)               VAT (£)

Eardisley VH                             Hall Hire (March 2019)                     19.00                                  0.00
R Mills                                        Lengthsman Works (Inv. 3366)    463.20                                77.20
SLCC                                           Membership Renewal (Clerk)       106.00                                 0.00
HMRC/A Morgan                      PAYE (Q4/2018-19)                         262.80                                 0.00

A Morgan                                  Office & Clerk Expenses                    65.91                                3.02

10. Correspondence: The following items were noted:

10.1. Contact to web site expressing concern about loose dogs causing a nuisance to humans and other dogs on the Millennium Green (noted by Millennium Green representatives)

10.2. Thanks to Steve Morgan (Whitney Village Hall Secretary) for organising the recent litter pick in Whitney, as part of the Great Herefordshire Spring Clean initiative.

11. Matters for the Next Agenda – no discussion:

  • Noticeboards update
  • Great Oak, Woodseaves: Ownership/Signage/Insurance

Please send Agenda items to the Clerk by Friday, 10th May, thank you.


Eardisley Parish Meeting, Monday 13th May 2019, Eardisley Village Hall, 7:30pm

EGPC Annual Meeting, Monday 13th May 2019, Eardisley Village Hall, 8:00pm

Winforton Parish Meeting, Tuesday 14th May 2019, Winforton Community Hall, 7:30pm

Whitney Parish Meeting, Tuesday 14th May 2019, Winforton Community Hall, 8:00pm

EGPC Ordinary Meeting, Monday 20th May, Eardisley Village Hall, 7:30pm