Minutes of Whitney on Wye Annual Parish Meeting

Held on Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 8:00pm, Winforton Community Hall

In the Chair: Alan Watkins

Councillors Present: Terry Morgan and Lewis Price

Residents: 3                                                                           In Attendance: Alison Morgan (Clerk)

1. All local Councillors were present; no apologies.

2. Minutes of the Whitney-on-Wye Annual Parish Meeting 2018 were agreed and signed.


3.1. The Chairman’s report covered the following general topics:
• EGPC had another busy year continuing to update its working practices and adopting a number of new policies, which are now available on the EGPC web site.
• Following the introduction of new data protection laws, EGPC has updated its policies in line with guidance from HALC, Herefordshire Council and the Society for Local Council Clerks (SLCC). Measures were taken to update security on the web site and councillors agreed to set up dedicated email addresses where they can be contacted and for dealing specifically with parish council business.
• Herefordshire Council funding for both Lengthsman and P3 (Footpaths) schemes has now ceased and the Parish Council is looking at ways of doing the work at reasonable cost. An advertisement was placed inviting tenders from suitably qualified contractors for the coming year.
• If residents see any problems on byroads or footpaths within the parish, these should be reported to their councillors or the Parish Clerk.
• During 2018, we commemorated the end of the Great War by placing three silent soldier silhouettes in the three parishes.
• Ward Councillor Roger Phillips continued to deputise for Cllr Clive Skelton. The latter stood down at the recent local elections. The Parish Council was grateful to both for their time and support.

3.2. The Chairman’s report covered the following Whitney on Wye-specific topics:
• Unfortunately, the silent soldier silhouette in Whitney disappeared, but was replaced by a further two as a result of local fund raising.
• Issues with traffic are on-going and the Highways Working Group can look at this with the hope of external funding becoming available.

4. Open Discussion: Topics included:

  • Traffic Issues, particularly speeding and overtaking.
  • The Speed Indicator Devices have not been working consistently of late; the batteries appear to be failing? The question was asked about who would be responsible for the units as Julian Wyatt has now stepped down.
  • Community safeguarding scheme – there was interest in keeping in touch with the Eardisley initiative with the possibility of extending it to other parish villages, including Whitney, in the future.
  • Interest was expressed in exploring options for introducing more local services, e.g. combined litter and dog poo bins with organised collections.
  • Concerns were raised about garden rubbish, grass clippings, etc., being dumped on the verge alongside the stream on Duck Street. This is causing an obstruction for mowing and there is a danger of the stream becoming blocked. It was felt this amounted to fly tipping, which can be reported to Herefordshire Council.
  • The culverts down from Mill Half through the village towards the A438 remain blocked, despite being reported many times to HC/BBLP. The issue would be raised again with BBLP on the next Parish drive round in June. There was also discussion of residents trying to flush through the pipes with equipment owned by Alan Watkins to see if this would help.
  • Lighting at the new petrol station: concern was expressed about night-time lighting / opening hours in case this had a detrimental effect on nearby residents. It was agreed to monitor the situation for the time being.

The meeting closed at 8:30pm.