Annual Meeting Minutes 15th May 2017

Eardisley Group Parish Council

Minutes – Monday, 15th May 2017 in Eardisley Village Hall


Present: C Davies, P Eggerton, J Forrest, K Goodman, A Layton, T Morgan, A Preece, L Price, S Prosser, A Watkins, S Whittall

In Attendance: Clerk to the Parish Council – A Morgan
14 members of the public

1. Mr Alan Watkins and Mr Ken Goodman were re-elected as Chairman & Vice Chairman respectively for the forthcoming year. Declarations of Acceptance of Office were duly signed and will be held on file.

2. Apologies were noted from Cllr Skelton and Paul Whittall. J Wyatt forwarded apologies subsequently. Not in Attendance: T Raymond and R Taylor.

3. No Declarations of Interest were received for agenda items at this meeting.

4. Elections took place for the following roles:

Footpath Officers: Steve Whittall was re-confirmed for Eardisley and Terry Morgan will continue for Whitney. Susan Warne was unable to be present at the meeting, but it was agreed she should continue for Winforton, subject to her acceptance, which has subsequently been received.
Tree Warden: Andrew Layton (current warden), suggested incorporating this role into Environment Working Group activities, which was agreed; Andrew is a member of this group.
Eardisley Village Hall Representatives: Chris Davies and Andrew Preece were re-confirmed as representatives.
Millennium Green Representatives: Andrew Layton was re-confirmed; Tony Raymond was proposed & seconded in his absence (to be confirmed) and Julian Wyatt was re-confirmed in his absence, subject to confirmation from him.

5. To review and approve membership of the following Working Groups:

Finance & Compliance: A Watkins, K Goodman, A Morgan, S Prosser, A Layton, P Whittall (no change)
Planning: C Davies, P Eggerton, J Forrest, T Morgan, A Preece (no change); Nancy James (resident) is also a member of this group
Highways: T Morgan, S Whittall, J Wyatt; it was confirmed James Forrest is also a member of this group and Glynn Bailey joins as the first resident member
Environment: A Layton, L Price and P Whittall
Community Services: Andrew Preece & Lewis Price joined this group; Tony Raymond is also proposed, subject to his agreement.
• Councillors were asked to bring any suggestions for resident working group membership to the next EGPC meeting in June.

6. The Clerk was still trying to establish with the insurance provider, whether the village gates were fully covered and whether volunteers undertaking activities on behalf of EGPC, such as gate cleaning, etc., are covered. Subject to feedback from AON on these points, it was AGREED the policy should be renewed, which must be done before 01.06.2017.

7. Accounts for the year ending 31.03.2017 were presented by the Clerk and reviewed by those present. It was RESOLVED to sign and adopt the accounts and the figures will feed into the 2016-17 Annual Return, which is currently being drafted by the Clerk for review by the Finance & Compliance Group, as well as the full Parish Council, as soon as possible. A copy of the approved accounts will be posted on to the new EGPC web site, once it is available in the coming weeks.

The meeting closed at 7:25 pm, to be followed by the next ordinary EGPC meeting commencing at 7:30 pm in the same location.