Speed Indicator Devices (SID’s)

This page has been created to publish information relating to deployment of the mobile SID’s, which rotate around the parish villages. As per the regulations specified by Herefordshire Council, each SID can only be used in each location for no longer than one month. As we have three sites in the parish, this effectively means the SID’s rotate to a new village each month. Speed data is collected for the purpose of analysis and as supporting evidence for the Parish Council’s efforts to facilitate traffic calming measures. Summary reports are usually presented as part of the Highways Working Group report at Parish Council meetings and will be published here for information, dating from January 2021 when the newly acquired SID’s were deployed for the first time.

SID Data Reports

Whitney – December 2021 (Placeholder)

Eardisley North – November 2021

Eardisley South – November 2021

Winforton East – October 2021

Whitney – September 2021

Eardisley – August 2021

Winforton – June 2021

Whitney (& Commentary)  – May 2021

Eardisley – April 2021

Winforton – March 2021

Whitney – February 2021

Eardisley – January 2021

Winforton – December 2020

SID Management

SID Baseplates Possible Relocation

SID Risk Assessment (Jan2021)

SID Movement Schedule 2021-22

SID Movement Schedule

SID Locations

SID General Information & Resources

Speed Management by the use of SIDs

SID Business Case

Speed Indicator Toolkit (Herefordshire Council)