Parish Drive Rounds

Parish Drive Rounds (PDR) are organised periodically by the Clerk and focus on reviewing reported problems and issues relating to Highways in and around the Parish villages.

Q: Who Takes Part? A: Ideally as many people as possible are informed the drive round is due to take place and have their opportunity to let the Clerk know about issues and problems in advance. Communication methods include the village email circulation, as well as Parish Council minutes. The Clerk compiles a list of as many items as possible for the itinerary. On the day, the drive round is undertaken by a core group comprising the Balfour Beatty Locality Steward (Lara Edwards), a Parish Councillor representing the focus area, the Lengthsman and the Clerk. In addition, the Chairman may elect to join the exercise.

Q: What Happens on the Drive Rounds? A: The group drive to the locations identified to review as many of the reported problems as they can in the available time. All items put forward will receive consideration; if it is not possible to incorporate a particular issue in the drive round, it may be passed on to the Highways Working Group for consideration. During the drive round, problems/issues are inspected in person, discussion takes place, owners are determined (wherever possible) and follow-up action(s) agreed. The Clerk documents the results, posts them on the web site in a report and forwards them to BBLP and the Lengthsman. The report is presented in a format that can be updated as progress occurs.

Parish Drive Round Reports

Links to reports from Parish Drive Rounds can be found below.


Parish Drive Round 26.02.2020

Eardisley July 2019

Eardisley February 2018

Whitney & Winforton June 2018