Highways Working Group Reports

This page has been created to make notes from Highways Working Group meetings available in the public arena. Whilst there is no formal requirement for notes from Working Groups to be made publicly available, we appreciate our roads and footpaths are a significant priority for all those living in the parish. Much work takes place behind the scenes that is too detailed to include fully in PC meetings and minutes.

Please note that because these reports are working documents, they do not necessarily reflect the official line of the PC. For all PC decisions and resolutions, please refer to the relevant set of Minutes. Nevertheless, you may find it helpful and/or interesting to have access to these reports in full.

Financial Year 2021-22

HWG Report Jan 2022

HWG Report Nov 2021

HWG Report Oct 2021

SID Baseplates Possible Relocation

HWG Report Sept 2021

HWG Report July 2021

HWG Report June 2021

HWG Report May 2021

HWG Report April 2021

Financial Year 2020-21

HWG Report March 2021

HWG Report February 2021

HWG Report December 2020

HWG Report November 2020

HWG Report March 2020

HWG Report February 2020

HWG Report January 2020

HWG Report November 2019

HWG Report October 2019

HWG Report September 2019