From time to time, questions are put to the Parish Council for general information pertaining to operating procedures. When the answers to those questions are likely to be of interest to the general public as a whole, it is intended to publish them on this page for transparency.

Q: How does the Parish Council make financial decisions?

An overview of the role and responsibility of all Parish Councils in making financial decisions is described well in the ‘Good Councillors Guide on Finance and Transparency’. A copy of this document can be found on the Accounts and Finance page of this web site, together with other guidance on best practices and compliance in financial management.

In addition, a Parish Council can only act and perform duties if it is empowered to do so by an Act of Parliament. A list of Powers and Duties of Parish Councils can also be found as above.

All Parish Councils must abide by a set of Financial Regulations, periodically updated to ensure statutory compliance and their financial decisions are subject to annual internal and external audits.

In terms of EGPC specifically, requests to spend money may arise from a proposal put forward by one of the Working Groups or result from being tabled as an Agenda item. If further investigation, research or analysis of different options is required, typically this is carried out by the relevant working group and recommendations made to the full Parish Council at a subsequent meeting or in some cases, several meetings. Once a proposal is reached, this is put forward for a vote by all councillors present. If it is resolved money should be spent (or not), the decision is recorded in the Minutes as an audit trail.